The Average American Spends $70,000 on Takeout During Their Life... BRUH!

December 11, 2017
By: Ya Girl Corinne I'm all about the takeout life, especially when I'm not trying to deal with a crying toddler while trying to cook or I'm sipping on some wine on a Friday night and wanna be lazy. Takeout is always a good idea... well until you step on the scale or check your wallet. So maybe it's not a good idea? Well according to a new study, the average American spend $1,175 a year on takeout and delivery. You what's scarier to me? If you spend more than $100 on takeout it may be more than $1,175 a year... uh oh. I definitely don't put takeout in my budgeting list. I'm screwed ha. RELATED: Corinne Introduces her Bae-Bubbs Here are more stats to make you feel like a bigger horrible human being. 1. 82% of people say they order food at least twice a month. YA HI THAT'S ME. 2. 47% of us think we order food too much and 52% feel oh so guilty. AGAIN ME. 3. 18% say they are worse at cooking now that they order out so much. NOT ME HA I CAN COOK HOMIE... I CAN... SHUT UP. Are you a takeout addict like me? DM ME. IG- @YAGIRLCORINNE