Dua Lipa Loves Performing In Boston, "The Energy Is So Much Fun!"

December 8, 2017
By: Extra Eric Hotter than hell! Dua Lipa played a special performance for our AMP Live! Backstage before the show, the "New Rules" songstress caught up with Vanessa Hale where she talked everything from "New Rules" to her favorite things about tour. "There are some parts of touring which you miss you bed, family and friends...but whenever I go out on stage and I see the audience and I experience that energy and the love and the excitement...it's just my favorite place to be!" RELATED: Dua Lipa Confirms Next Single Is "IDGAF" Fun fact -- Boston is one of Dua's favorite cities to play in! "I say Boston every time! Every time I come here the energy is so much fun." The first time she played here it was at the Agganis Arena opening for Troy Sivan. "Sometimes when you play such a big room and your supporting someone it is very nerve racking, essentially they're not there to see you. The audience was attentive and up for listening...every time I come back it's always a lot of fun!" She also re-confirmed her single is coming in 2018, but the song & video are waiting so that "New Rules" can have its moment. Boston love you Dua!!