Loren's LoDown 12/4/17: The Beyonce/Ed Collab had Been in the Works Since May

December 4, 2017
SNL's Harassment Parody is Amazing Saturday Night Live was trending this weekend for its Welcome to Hell Sketch where all the women of the cast sang a song about sexual harassment. It's hilarious (and sickeningly accurate). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l26UFQ06eQ Billy Bush Writes Op-Ed About Trump Billy Bush has written an op-ed about the infamous video that caught President Trump saying he grabs women by the P. Although Trump had admitted it was real, he recently began denying the validity of the video. So Billy came out saying that he and 7 other men who were on the bus know that the tape is real. He claims that they all thought Trump was just making a lewd joke. Billy went on to say that he believes the women who came forward with sexual harassment claims against the President, and adds that Trump is not fit to be president. Billy said he's trying to be a better man for his three teenage daughters. Chris Pratt & Ana Faris Officially Divorcing Chris Pratt and Ana Faris officially filed for divorce over the weekend. They had been separated for four months. They're both asking for joint custody of their 5-year-old son Jack and they both reserve the right to receive spousal support. Jurassic World Trailer Coming this Week Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom put out a teaser this weekend and announced that the full trailer will be dropping for us on Thursday. The movie hits theaters June 22nd of 2018. Ed Sheeran: Beyonce Collab has Been in the Works Since May Ed Sheeran revealed that the collaboration between him and Beyonce happened simply because he asked her to. It's been months in the making -- since May, in fact. He also added that Beyonce's email address changes every week and she's really good at being secretive. He wants to be the same way. Someone Robbed Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson revealed that someone robbed her house last week. Holy crap. Celine, Imagine Dragons Perform Vegas Tribute Over the weekend, Celine Dion, Imagine Dragons, Cirque du Soleil, Wayne Newton and other performers did a benefit concert in Las Vegas for the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. Also over the weekend, Jason Aldean, who was on stage when the shooting began, welcomed a baby boy with his wife. Blake Shelton Offers Comfort to Mass Students Blake Shelton took a few minutes out of his day to reach out to the friends and family of the three high school kids from Warren, Mass who were killed in a car accident earlier last month. Blake lost his brother in a car accident when Blake was just 14 years old. (Scroll to -4:58ish) Madonna Covers Toxic Madonna covered Britney Spears' Toxic for World AIDS Day. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcLNaulhaAK/?taken-by=madonna Britney Responds to Madonna, Sorta Britney Spears celebrated her 36th birthday this weekend by posting a video of herself standing alone in her huge house, wearing a little black dress, singing Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love." https://www.instagram.com/p/BcOQeLSFdH0/?taken-by=britneyspears Sammi Sweatheart is Done with the Drama I'm sure you've been worried sick about why Sammi Sweetheart isn't returning to tape with the rest of the Jersey Shore cast for their upcoming reunion show (bahahaha). Pretty simple, exactly what we guessed: Snooki says it's because Sammi is super happy right now and doesn't really want the drama with her ex boyfriend Ron. Smart girl. The TJ Show can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30am until 10:00am on Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio. You can follow TJ, Loren and Producer Matt on Twitter: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP and on Instagram: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP. Listen to The TJ Show On-Demand with The TJ Show Podcast on play.it & iTunes