Get The Basic Person In Your Life An Overpriced Avocado Toast Ornament

November 16, 2017
By: Extra Eric This is a real item... Sur La Table has introduced an overpriced avocado toast ornament for the 2017 holiday season! This just screams "I'm a millennial" doesn't it. RELATED: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson Unveil 'Millennials: The Musical' The price of the ornament is $17 and doesn't really go with any tree theme, but every basic person in your life is going to want it. Maybe pair it with an Ugg boot ornament? Avocado toast has become a "basic" food item every "basic" person orders at brunch. According to Mashable, "It's a glass treasure handcrafted in Poland, and while the slices of avocado look a bit more like sliced green apples with chicken pox, don't worry—those are just sparkles on the "thick, crusty bread" to really put you in the holiday spirit." It's ridiculous this is really a thing.