Here Is Blac Chyna's First Line As A Rapper

November 6, 2017
By: Extra Eric Uh.... According to TMZ, it sounds like Blac Chyna might be on her to way becoming a rapper. TMZ "got a snippet of the track produced by Mally Mall -- the guy who made Chyna's ex, Tyga, a rap star. She spit the lyrics a few weeks back." RELATED: Tyga Warned Rob Kardashian About Blac Chyna "Pop that p**** like a pistol, yeah" is her one line on the track and it sounds...AWFUL. Her TV show with ex Rob Kardashian was terrible and this isn't the most promising thing either if she wants to become a rapper. She allegedly is working with her ex Tyga's producer, so that means DRAMA! Because of her fame there might be some big names on her debut album. Would you listen to her music?