Loren's LoDown 11/1/17: Selena Gomez is Billboard's Woman of the Year

November 1, 2017
Netflix Suspends House of Cards I told you yesterday that Netflix is potentially exploring House of Cards spinoff series ideas, as well as that Netflix announced this upcoming sixth season would be the final season. But they announced yesterday afternoon that House of Cards production is suspended until further notice. This comes just two days after Kevin Spacey was accused of assaulting a 14-year-old actor in the 80s, and Kevin used his apology to come out as gay. JLo Reflects on Gigli Disaster Jennifer Lopez opened up to Vanity Fair about her relationship with Ben Affleck, and said that she was completely eviscerated by the press for their movie Gigli. She said it was so bad that she lost her sense of self, questioned whether she belonged in the business and watched her relationship self-destruct in front of the entire world. JLo said it was about two years before she picked herself up again. Kristen Bell & Dave Grohl Perform on Kimmel Dave Grohl hosted Jimmy Kimmel last night -- Dave was dressed as Dave Letterman. Which was a near-perfect costume. Kristen Bell was his guest and she was dressed as Tom Selleck from Magnum PI which is an old TV show my mom used to watch. Dave said his kids love her and he'd be the coolest dad if he could perform w her, so they did a mashup of Frozen's Do You Want to Build a Snowman and Metallica's Enter Sandman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV_0KDRk-w4 Selena Gomez to be Honored by Billboard Billboard is set to honor Selena Gomez as its 2017 Woman of the Year. She's joining the likes of Beyonce, Pink, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. She's being honored not only for her musical success, but for her advocacy work as well. The Gala takes place November 30th. Jay Z to be Honored Before Grammys Jay Z is set to be honored by Clive Davis and the Recording Academy during the annual pre-Grammys party on January 27th. He'll be recognized for his contributions to the music industry and also for his philanthropic efforts Harry Styles Stops Show to Help Fan Pretty awesome: Harry Styles was performing the other night when a girl towards the front of the crowd had a panic attack and collapsed. He literally stopped his show and asked if she was OK, told the people around her to back up and give her some space and allow for security to make their way to help her. Super sweet. Ryan Reynolds Jokes with Deadpool Halloween Mom So cute. Some lady tweeted Ryan Reynolds, asking him how on earth her kid, who was dressed as his character Deadpool for Halloween, was supposed to go to the bathroom. Ryan responded "Everybody knows the Deadpool suit is also a toilet. Get it together." Cardi B's Engagement Ring is Half a Million Bucks Cardi B's engagement ring from MIgos' Offest is INSANE. It's worth half a million dollars. It took a month and a half to make, and it's an 8-carat stone surrounded by 2 half-carat pear diamonds, and 2 carats worth of pink and white stones. It's a raindrop shape. JLo Covers Vanity Fair with A-Rod Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod are on the cover of Vanity Fair. They got to gush about their relationship. We learned a few things: he is super talkative and she likes to listen. He sent her a sext from the bathroom on their first date that said "you look sexy AF" and JLo admires the work he's done on himself in the past to get him to where he is now. Wendy Williams Passes Out Live on TV Wendy Williams was hosting her show yesterday and was dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween. She overheated, and in the middle of her live show, she just went down. She began to lose her concentration and then went into what seemed like some sort of catatonic state and fell to the ground. Her producers cut to black and went to commercial, and Wendy took some time to get herself together and came back live on the air and said she was OK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2WzbfOhnx8 The TJ Show can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30am until 10:00am on Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio. You can follow TJ, Loren and Producer Matt on Twitter: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP and on Instagram: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP. Listen to The TJ Show On-Demand with The TJ Show Podcast on play.it & iTunes