Taylor Swift Preps 'Reputation' Tour, Shares Selfie from 'Repu-hearsals'The 'Fearless' hitmaker shot a selfie in front of massive tables of audio equipment and captioned the photo, "Repu-hearsals."
Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Share 'Endgame' Behind-the-Scenes VideoThe pop star super-friends bicker and compliment each other like an old married couple in the entertaining clip.
Taylor Swift Wears Flats for Ed Sheeran in Funny Candid ClipSwift will go to great lengths for her friends. She'll shave a few inches off for them, too.
Taylor Swift's Shares What She's Listening To With Spotify Playlist!Fans are speculating she added her next single to this playlist....
Taylor Swift Says Nashville Songwriting Still Informs Her Music"I still do a lot of prep work before I walk through the studio door."
Taylor Swift Sends Flowers to Fans on Wedding DayThe pop star sent flowers to Alexa Gonzales and Brittany Lewis on January 12 as they tied the knot.
Taylor Swift Fan Asks the Pop Star to Prom with Creative Video"I chose Taylor Swift because she’s my favorite, and she is so genuine and down to earth."
Taylor Swift Debuts 'End Game' Video Featuring Ed Sheeran & FutureThe collaborative track from Swift's most recent album 'Reputation' gets a visual treatment.
Taylor Swift Shares 'End Game' Video TeaserThe video, which was shot in Miami, Tokyo and London, premieres at midnight tonight.
Taylor Swift Teases 'End Game' VideoAre you ready for it? You don't have long to wait.
Taylor Swift's "End Game" Music Video Drops Tomorrow!Lots of rumors have been swirling around this video.
Taylor Swift Lawyers Move to Dismiss 'Shake It Off' Lawsuit"Players playing and haters hating" phrasing has spurred a copyright lawsuit, Swift's legal team say this should be in the public domain.

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