TJ's Podcast Thursday 11/16/17: Robot Pop StarsRobot Pop Stars game, Julie's hot babysitter situation update, TJ tried new tuna fish, TJ's Street Match game, Producer Matt's brown stuff and TJ forgot to throw out raw chicken.
This Robot Dog Is SO Realistic It's PetrifyingThe motions and mannerisms are exactly like that of a real dog...
The RoboTJ ShowTJ, Loren and Producer Matt find out what it would be like if robots took their jobs.
This Robot Will Cook Any Meal You Want (in 2017)Scientists in England are developing a robot that can cook 2,000 different meals. And it cleans, too!
Procrastination Station: How to Wrap a Cat for ChristmasPlenty of ways to pass the time: a robot that lights stuff on fire and a really old, underground theater was discovered in Boston!
The TJ Show: Robot Sex May Be on its Way TJ and Loren discuss robot sex, which may be on its way sooner than we think.
Johnny 5..Is Alive!

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