Justin Bieber Animal PSAIn light of Justin Bieber giving away yet another pet, there's a new animal PSA.
This Dad Wrapped Christmas Presents For Squirrels And They Opened Them!"10 Million people saw the squirrel tweet omg"
Therapy with Judah: TJ is Concerned about his LizardTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew, Judah, about his lizard because he is concerned.
Best Thing On The Internet 11/4: Is That A Cat?I don't know what's scarier, the cat or the costume!
Pet Obesity Awareness DayProducer Matt got people involved with a very special PSA about Pet Obesity Awareness Day.
Loren's LoDown: 6/19/14Loren's LoDown: Selena and Justin might be getting a love nest together, vandals are arrested at Taylor Swift's house and gratuitous pictures of Lady Gaga's dog/Taylor Swift's new cat.
Annoying Pet OwnersTJ and fiance Jess have officially become annoying pet owners. And Loren has zero tolerance for it.
There's A Tiger Woods Joke Here Somewhere

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