Loren's LoDown 2/13/18: Katy & Orlando are Reportedly Back TogetherKaty & Orlando might be back together, Black Panther is killing the twitter game and Blake Lively gets candid about her post-baby body.
Loren's LoDown: 3/12/14Loren's LoDown: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are friends no more (SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!), JLo calls her ex boyfriends Mother F-ers + Lena Dunham may be done with acting.
Loren's LoDown: 1/13/14Loren's LoDown: Tina Fey takes a jab at Taylor Swift, Bieber could face felony charges and some poor sap is suing JLo because he got catfished (it's hilarious).
Loren's LoDown: 1/10/14Loren's LoDown: LiLo is on Oprah's S***List, Bieber is caught egging his neighbor's house and SNL is under fire from the Latino community now.
Procrastination Station: Russian Drivers, "Gravity" at IKEA, and Hot Guys & KittensEverything you want to see on the internet today including hot guys and kittens, a Shiba Inu puppy cam and a dash cam video of Russian dudes driving into the river without any worries.
Loren's LoDown: 10/3/13Loren's LoDown: Jennifer Lawrence was told to diet or she'd fail, Nathan from the Wanted admits he wanted to date Selena Gomez, and Drake defends being called "sensitive."
Loren's LoDown: 9/25/13Loren's LoDown: One Directioners face poisonous snakes for a chance to see 1D (WTF), Bieber kicks his "friends" outta his house and Steve Carrell hates that Miley Cyrus is his neighbor.
Loren's LoDown: Weds 5/8/13Loren gives you the LoDown on Rob Kardashian getting charged with battery, Justin Bieber potentially getting prosecuted and Michael Jackson getting sued post-mortem.

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