TJ's Podcast Tuesday 2/20/18: Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee JaneTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, TJ's Street Match game, listener calls, a listener saw TJ at the grocery store, Corinne's boyfriend's money was stolen, Final Draft stops by and Therapy with Judah.
TJ's Podcast Wednesday 6/21/17: Charlee Jane Got EmbarrassedProducer Matt on the street, Charlee Jane got embarrassed for the first time, make music day, TJ took Judah around Boston, TJ talks to listeners, a listener asks Loren about her wedding and Corinne's boyfriend surprised her.
TJ's Podcast Weds 4/19/17: Tim the Web Guy Redeems Himself After Yelling at TJProducer Matt's Breath for Seth charity, Tim the Web Guy joins the TJ Show after yelling at TJ, Therapy with Judah and TJ's Street Match game.
TJ's Podcast Tues 2/28/17: Tantrum TuesdayTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, men crying during movies, Loren convinces TJ to watch This is Us, the TJ Show got invited to a wedding, Therapy with Judah, TJ's Street Match game and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls in.
Therapy with Judah: TJ's AccomplishmentsTJ talks to his 10-year-old nephew, Judah, about his (lack of) accomplishments.
Therapy with Judah: Instagram PopularityTJ talks to his 10-year-old nephew about Instagram likes.
Therapy with Judah: Bad News for the LizardTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew, Judah, about the lizard that TJ got for him.
Therapy with Judah: Loren's Uncontrollable SpendingTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew, Judah, about Loren's uncontrollable Christmas shopping and reveals what she bought Producer Matt.
Therapy with Judah: ThanksgivingTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew Judah about Thanksgiving.
Therapy with Judah: A Montage of KindnessTJ puts together a montage of his 9-year-old nephew Judah spreading his love and kindness.
Therapy with Judah: Election Day 2016TJ talks with his 9-year-old nephew, Judah, about today's election.
Therapy with Judah: Bath Bombs & PositivityTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew Judah about bath bombs and remaining positive.

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