TJ Addresses his Family's LossUnfortunately TJ and his wife Jess lost their baby, Luca, last week. They discussed it on the show today.
REVEALED: Are TJ & Jess Having a Boy or a Girl?!TJ and his wife Jess reveal whether they're having a boy or girl!
TJ's Podcast Thurs 2/2/17: is TJ Whipped?TJ's brother's girlfriend followed TJ on Instagram, why did your teacher get fired, TJ's Street match game and TJ's wife Jess discusses if TJ is whipped.
Charlee is Going to be a Big Sister!TJ hops into the shower with his wife Jess for the final shower interview of 2016 and reveals some pretty. awesome. news.
TJ's Podcast Weds 12/14/16: A Very Special Shower InterviewTJ's final shower interview of 2016, Santa TJ buys Leonides' whole shopping cart, caller congratulates TJ, TJ's Street Match game and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls the show.
Carter Helps TJ with a Family ProblemTJ's 8-year-old buddy Carter helps him out with a family problem he's having with his wife Jess.
TJ's Podcast: Thurs 9/15/16An update on TJ's wife Jess' health, TJ swore at Producer Lyin' Nick, Loren saw Adele last night, listener calls, weird customer service stories, entertaining TJ's grandpa and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls the show.
Therapy with Judah: Being a WussTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew because he is self-conscious about not being able to stand up for his wife Jess.
TJ Interviews Jess in the Shower 8/1/16TJ once again surprises his wife Jess in the shower to conduct an interview with her.
TJ's Wife Jess Pretends to Learn EnglishTJ's wife Jess hits the streets and pretends to be his language student.
TJ's Podcast: Weds 6/22/16Producer Matt asks strangers to eat the brown stuff in his pants, TJ's wife Jess is upset with him, TJ's Street Match game, an interview with TJ and Loren's boss, Junk Mail Justice and bad first dates.
Carter Breaks Up a Fight Between TJ & Jess8-year-old Carter breaks up a fight between TJ & his wife Jess.

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