You Can Take Goat Yoga Classes In Massachusetts!Here's where you can jump on the latest trend in the area.
Loren's LoDown 3/23/17: Beyonce FaceTimes with Sick FanBeyonce FaceTimes with cancer-stricken fan, a bag of air from Adele's concert is on sale and Selena Gomez deletes her Instagram once a week because of terrible comments.
Loren's LoDown 12/13/16: Beyonce & Mariah Hang with Their KidsLoren's LoDown: Kanye hangs with Donald Trump, Beyonce and Mariah hang together with their kids and Ryan Reynolds wants a Deadpool/Wolverine movie.
Loren the "Art Student" on the StreetLoren poses as an art student and asks strangers to pose as goats and lions for her upcoming project.
Baby Goat Plays with a Pig! [VIDEO]THIS IS ADORABLE. Just watch as this baby goat plays with a very tired (and very patient!) pig.
Goats + Dubstep = Goatstep [VIDEO]Do you love goats? Do you love Skrillex? Do you love goats yelling over dubstep? Well then, step aside Birdstep because there's a new genre in town. I give you..."Goatstep."

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