Oxford is Adding "Squad Goals" and "Yas" to the Dictionary.Wait and there is more! HAHAHA -Ya Girl Corinne
The Best Pizza In America Is Close By!!!Where is your fave pizza spot? If you're near Providence, RI you're in luck bc they made the list! -Ya Girl Corinne
Don't Get Married On Valentine's Day!If you know anyone who's planning to get married on Valentine's Day, be a good friend and stop their asses! - Ya Girl Corinne
Seven Things You Shouldn't Put Down The DrainI'm an adult... totally. I thought it was fine to put coffee grounds down the drain.... oops - Ya Girl Corinne
"Breadcrumbing" is now the new "Ghosting"...Dating is extremely annoying and now this? Seriously? - Ya Girl Corinne
Be Happy Be Naked!!!Researchers say you're the happiness when naked! - Ya Girl Corinne
Today Is The Best Day Ever For My Fatty Self HAHAYou love Twinkies? Have you always wanted to own Big Mac sauce? READ THIS FOOOLLL - Ya Girl Corinne
Four Ways You're Catching Flu Germs Without Realizing ItI'm constantly using antibacterial gel thinking the flu won't come my way... I was sooooo wrong haha - Ya Girl Corinne #HotMessExpress
The Five Best Places to Hide Christmas GiftsI called out my mama today because last night I found all the Christmas gifts in her closet!! She ruined Christmas haha just kidding... but seriously pick a better spot woman! She knows I regularly steal her leggings haha. - Ya Girl Corinne
73% of People Pretend They Like Bad GiftsMy friend got a shovel for Christmas last year... like what? why? The best part is that she lives in a complex so she doesn't have a need to shovel. HAHAHAHA have you ever received a horrible gift and faked your reaction? --- Ya Girl Corinne
A Guy Is Suing His Neighbors Over Christmas Music!Are you that crazy neighbor that has a million Christmas lights and music playing all day and night? I wouldn't call ya crazy I'd call you joyful... or I guess both? HAHAHA Be careful because your neighbor may sue you! --- Ya Girl Corinne
How to Deal With Four Awkward Holiday Party SituationsHave you ever gotten too drunk at your office party? Maybe you got a present and didn't have one to give in return? CLICK to find out how to deal with awkward situations! - Ya Girl Corinne

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