Loren's LoDown 2/9/18: Timberlake Invites Selfie Kid to ConcertJustin Timberlake invited the Selfie Kid to meet him back stage, Bad Moms might be coming to TV and Karlie Kloss is making headlines for simply having dinner with Katy Perry.
Loren's LoDown 6/29/17: Adele Quits Touring??Adele might've quit touring, Lady Gaga announces another dive bar tour and Kanye might tour again in 2018 (so much tour info today!!).
Loren's LoDown: Miley & Jimmy Fallon go Undercover for Subway PerformanceMiley Cyrus & Jimmy Fallon do undercover performance on the subway, Ariana Grande probably becoming an honorary Manchester citizen and Katy Perry dishes on "Old Katy Perry."
Loren's LoDown 5/4/17: May the Fourth B-SHUT UP!!!Ed Sheeran performs private show for sick fan, Miley has given up drugs & alcohol and Emma Stone sends a note to the promposal kid.
Loren's Badass Chick: Julia WilsonLoren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Julia Wilson: creator of #BadBitch playing cards.
Loren's LoDown 2/1/17: Grammys Performers AddedThe Weeknd is added to the Grammys performances lineup, Johnny Depp spends $30k a month on wine and Gaga is starring in Tiffany & Co's first-ever Super Bowl ad.
Loren's LoDown: 11/1/16Loren's LoDown: Jennifer Aniston's husband (I think accidentally!!!) throws shade at Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Drake might be teaming up for new music and Adele gets really candid in Vanity Fair.
Therapy with Judah: Bad Gift GiverTJ talks to his 9-year-old nephew about feeling like he's a bad gift-giver.
Loren's LoDown: 8/4/16Loren's LoDown: Beyonce might duet with Tony Bennett, Britney Spears announces her new album and Bieber is renting a house for $10k/night with a helipad.
Loren's LoDown: 7/11/16Loren's LoDown: Adele's hotel staff travels 70 miles (one way!) to get her pizza, the Secret Life of Pets sets a box office record and the Ghostbusters reviews are in.
TJ's Podcast: Weds 6/22/16Producer Matt asks strangers to eat the brown stuff in his pants, TJ's wife Jess is upset with him, TJ's Street Match game, an interview with TJ and Loren's boss, Junk Mail Justice and bad first dates.
Daily Rant: Bad Stuff All At Once

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