Are Drake & 40 Making More Music Together?Drake posted a photo to social media today, with the mysterious caption, "Visited 40 today."
Loren's LoDown: 3/18/16Loren's LoDown: Selena Gomez responds to becoming the biggest Instagram celebrity, Iggy Azalea reveals a psychotic breakdown and Justin Timberlake is putting out new music with Pharrell.
Loren's LoDown: 9/25/15Loren's LoDown: Kanye was serious about running for president but doesn't want to run against anyone else, the most ridiculous Taylor & Calvin rumor ever and Nick Jonas threw a surprise elevator party.
Loren's LoDown: 7/24/15Loren's LoDown: Calvin Harris is introducing Taylor to his parents, Jimmy Fallon sang with U2 and Katy Perry/John Mayer broke up again.
Loren's LoDown: 3/16/15Loren's LoDown: Rihanna makes history as the new face of Dior, the best jokes of the Bieber roast have been leaked and Beyonce & Jay Z are in trouble with Blue Ivy's friends' parents.
Loren's LoDown: 3/10/15Loren's LoDown: Taylor Swift insures her legs for $40m, a Rihanna fan covers herself in tattoos of Rihanna and Calvin Harris broke up with his girlfriend.
Loren's LoDown: 12/11/14Loren's LoDown: Beyonce reportedly paid for Solange's extravagant honeymoon out of guilt, Taylor Swift talks being a role model and Gronk poses with kittens in ESPN Magazine.
Loren's LoDown: 11/13/14Loren's LoDown: Katy Perry's boyfriend hops into the feud between Katy and Taylor Swift (laaaaaaaaaaaame, stay in your lane boyfriend!), Kim Kardashian tries to break the internet with a new, full-frontal-nude pic and Robert DeNiro might work with Jennifer Lawrence again.
Loren's LoDown: 9/17/14Loren's LoDown: Reports - Beyonce and Jay Z are putting out an album, Ariana Grande wishes her fans would die (?!?!) and Kanye West is collaborating with Lorde.
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