Barack & Michelle’s Portraits Unveiled
Barack and Michelle Obama had their portraits unveiled yesterday at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Barack was pretty pumped about his wife’s, because he thanked the artist for capturing the “grace and beauty and intelligence and charm and hotness” of the woman he loves. Too cute. As for his own portrait, Obama said he tried to get the artist to paint less grey hairs and also smaller ears, but he lost out on both requests.

Blake Lively Talks Post-Baby Body
Blake Lively revealed that she gained 61 pounds when she was carrying her second baby…and that her trainer kicked her ass back into shape. She said it took her 10 months to gain the weight and 14 months to lose it, and she’s very proud. As she should be!

Jen Aniston’s Neighbor is Spying on Her??
Creepy. Jennifer Aniston’s neighbor in New York is reportedly spying on her and her husband. They’re doing some renovations to their home, which I think just belongs to her husband. And one of their neighbors is really pissed, and has begun filming from his deck into their windows. Jen apparently doesn’t want to go to NY anymore because that guy’s so rude.

Black Panther Leading 2018 Movie Tweets
This is amazing for Black Panther. Even before it has hit theaters, it has broken 2018’s Twitter record to become the most-tweeted about movie in the world this year. It’s gotten over five million tweets. The movie opens up this Friday.

Miley Cyrus Stalker Plans Thwarted
Miley Cyrus almost had a run-in with a guy who clearly is obsessed with her and not well. He posted a bunch of intense stuff on his social media… even things about thanking her for getting rid of her dude Liam. Thankfully the guy’s friend friend saw the post, called the cops… who then alerted the LAPD. The guy had made his way to LA and was going to find Miley when they thankfully found him first.

Katy & Orlando Back Together?
Looks like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom might be back together. Fans have been thinking this for a while, thanks to social media posts. Plus now an unnamed source is claiming that they are indeed back together.

John Mayer Helped Demi Lovato Follow her Gut
Demi Lovato said that John Mayer has been really helpful in her career, maybe within him even knowing it. The two wrote a few songs together when she was about 15 or 16, and he told her that she has really good instincts and to always follow them. Ever since then, Demi said she trusts her gut and she’s good to go.

Jerry Seinfeld Sued
Jerry Seinfeld is being sued over Comedians in Cars getting coffee. Some guy claims that he presented the idea to Jerry back in the day, and they even shot a pilot… but Jerry basically bailed on the guy and took it on for himself. Jerry’s camp says no way, not true. Meanwhile, Jerry and his teenage daughter were cruising in LA when they noticed Justin Bieber driving next to them on the street, so it looks like Jerry asked Bieber to pull over so they all could chat.

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