Kim K Announces Lipstick
Kim Kardashian announced yesterday that she’s coming out with some lipstick now too.

Kim Cattrall: SJP, Leave Me Alone
Yiiiikes. So, Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City’s brother unfortunately passed away after having been missing for a few days. It’s a really terrible time for her whole family. So Sarah Jessica Parker, her former SATC co-star, reached out to send condolences on social media. But there have been rumors for years that the two never got a long. Welp, Kim took to Instagram to make it really, really clear. She wrote “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @SarahJessicaParker.” She went on to say “you are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.”

Olympic Opening Ceremonies Ratings Slip
The tape-delay opening of the Olympic Games brought in just under $28M viewers, which was a 12% drop from the last winter olympics in Sochi four years ago. But, a little good news — it was up from the Rio summer Olympics two years ago.

Cardi B Almost Got Mauled by a Cheetah
This is creepy. The director for Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow music video revealed that she almost got attached by a cheetah on set. She was holding its leash when it sort of got up, turned to her and almost lunged at her. She freaked out and asked someone else to come hold the cheetah. That scene was taken out of the final cut, but they did end up having a cheetah in the video – a different cheetah – which was fed six pounds of deer meat before filming so it was chill.

Camila Cabello Dating New Dude
Camila Cabello has a new dude in her life — he’s a 30-year-old dating coach named Matthew Hussey. They were spotted making out on a beach in Mexico. She’s 20. It’s only a 10 year age difference.

Jennifer Garner Sells Girl Scout Cookies at Grocery Store
So cool. Jennifer Garner is a girl scout troop leader for her daughters, and she was spotted outside of a grocery store selling girls scout cookies with the troop. She said that most people don’t care at all that she’s a celebrity – they’re focused on the thin mints.

Bruno Mars & Cardi B Announce Dates
Bruno Mars and Cardi B are coming to TD Garden September 27th and 28th! Tickets go on sale February 16th.

David Arquette Wants to Cast Gronk
David Arquette told TMZ that he wants to cast Gronk in a movie because he’s real, and that’s all it takes to be an actor. (Also, listen for TMZ mispronouncing Gronk’s name)

Steve Harvey had his Daughter’s Fiance Followed
Steve Harvey revealed that when he found out that his daughter was dating her now-fiance, he had the guy followed. He didn’t trust him because he thought he was just a boy and wanted to make sure that the guy treated his daughter the way Steve treated her… soooo… he had him followed.

Selfie Kid Gets More Free Stuff
Selfie Kid keeps getting more and more stuff thanks to his Super Bowl debut. He was wearing a sweatshirt for a resort in Maine — Sunday River Ski Resort — and it gave them so much free advertising that they decided to gift him and his family unrestricted season passes to the mountain through 2019.

Dumb & Dumber Scooter for Sale
If you’re a fan of Dumb & Dumber and have a few thousand lying around… you can be the proud owner of the scooter that Lloyd & Harry used to drive to Aspen. It’s one of two that were used in the movie and the owner’s kid is going off to college, so they want to make some extra cash. 10% of the proceeds will go to charity and bidding starts at $8500.

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