Kylie Jenner Dethrones Beyonce on Instagram
Kylie Jenner has dethroned Beyonce and now has the most-liked picture on Instagram. The picture of her daughter Stormi has just under 15M likes.

Another Talent Competition is Coming, Yaaaay…
CBS is throwing their hat into the reality talent competition show ring. They’re going to be doing a show called the World’s Best, where they get acts from all around the world and from every genre imaginable to compete to be the winner. They will be impressing a panel of American judges, and also 50 of the world’s most accomplished entertainment experts. They’re calling it the Olympics of competition, but without us having to wait every two years.

Spice Girls to Go on Tour?
TMZ is reporting that the Spice Girls are coming back on tour. So, SIGN ME UP THANK YOU.

Drake Donates to Women’s Shelter
I want to be Drake so badly. Just the other day I told you he dropped $75K to help students in Miami. And now, he was spotted at a grocery store in Miami paying for groceries of everyone there. The total came to more than $50k. Apparently he kept encouraging customers to buy more. OH… and THEN Drake donated $50,000 to a women’s shelter in Miami. Not only did he give them the cash, but he dished out toys and games to all of the kids AND handed out 130 gift cards worth $150 each. He’s the freakin best.

Selena Gomez Eats at IHOP
Stars, they’re just like us! Selena Gomez grabbed breakfast with her friend at IHOP yesterday in California. She’s special though; she got to leave with one of their mugs.

Jersey Shore Family Reunion Premiere Date Set
The Jersey Shore crew has been taping in Miami… and now we know that their Family Vacation reunion is set to air April 5th at 8p. So set your DVRs. To see grown-ass people, some of whom are parents, act like total idiots again. Or maybe not.

Scooter Braun Opens Up about Ariana & Manchester
Scooter Braun is opening up a little bit more about how Ariana Grande handled the aftermath of the terrorist attack at her concert in London that killed and injured so many of her fans. Scooter said that she cried for days and the hardest two hours of their lives were when the two of them went to the Children’s hospital to meet with victims. He clearly was very proud of how she handled herself, especially in raising $13M during the One Love Manchester concert.

Angelina Jolie Gives her Daughters the BEST Advice
Love this. Angelina Jolie told Elle Magazine the advice that she teaches her daughters, and it’s so great. She says “What sets you apart is what you are willing to do for others. Anyone can put on a dress and makeup. It’s your mind that will define you. Find out who you are, what you think, and what you stand for. And fight for others to have those same freedoms.”

Jessica & Justin Starting Sex Ed Now
Jessica Biel sounds like my mom. She said that even though her son Silas is 2 and a half, she and Justin Timberlake have already started sex education with him. She said sometimes they’ll shower together, and they’ll just use technical terms to explain the parts that Silas has vs. the parts that she has. (When I was four I asked my mom how the sperm transfers to the vagina, so… I can relate to this kid getting an early sex ed class. bahahah)

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