Adele Sounds like Sam Smith?
A few people on the interwebs have figured out that when you slow down Adele, she sounds just like Sam Smith. This is slowing it down on a record player.

Ed Sheeran Adds More Tour Dates
Ed Sheeran has added a bunch of other dates to his upcoming tour. So in addition to his September 15th date already set, he’ll be swinging by Gillette the night before on September 14th as well.

Kylie’s Full Baby Name Revealed
Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi Webster, which is her baby daddy Travis Scott’s real last name. OK, there you go I mentioned it, you’re welcome.

JLo & Cardi B Teaming Up
OH MY GOD give me all of it. Jennifer Lopez confirmed that she is doing a duet with Cardi B. It’s going to be called Dinero. It’s going to be a Spanglish song… and there’s been rumors since December that this was going to happen.

Katy Perry Chats About Killing Emotional Trauma
Katy Perry is opening up to Glamour Magazine about what’s next for her. She said a family some day, yes — but before that, she needs to do some emotional work on herself and rid herself of some emotional trauma. Katy said that 2017 was all about killing her ego… and that it made her realize how much she relied upon outside validation. She called it the universe’s way of testing her, to see how much she really, truly loves herself. She’s looking forward to stepping into the shoes of Katheryn Hudson now.
Oh, and as for I Kissed a Girl — she said now, 10 years later, she would revise the lyrics a bit to be less stereotypical.

Selena Gomez (Perfectly) Slams Social Media
Selena Gomez is opening up to Harper’s Bazaar, saying that she doesn’t feel like she’ll ever be able to officially overcome her battle with anxiety and depression, and that it’s something she’s going to face daily and she’s OK with that because it means she’s choosing to put herself first over anything else. Selena also said she has a complex relationship with social media, and she’s very concerned about how much value people our age place on social media. She says it’s given people – herself included – a false representation of what’s important. (I could not echo her statements any louder!!) And finally, as for her next album, Selena said she’s simply not ready. So if it takes 10 years, it takes 10 years. She wants to be super intentional with all the things she’s doing.

Reese Witherspoon Reveals Past Abusive Relationship
Reese Witherspoon revealed to Oprah that one of the most defining moments of her life was when she decided to leave an abusive relationship when she was much younger. She said it completely changed who she was on a cellular level.

Oprah Confirms: NO Presidential Run
And, speaking of Oprah – she put a kibosh on the rumors once and for all… she told Wall Street Journal Magazine that NO, she is not running for president. She doesn’t want to create policy. She wants to spend her days and nights telling stories that allow people to see the best of themselves.

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