Pats Crowd Boos A-Rod at JLo Concert
So awkward. Jennifer Lopez was performing after the Super Bowl and was trying to cheer up the crowd which was a lot of Pats fans. And she decided to bring out her boyfriend A-Rod. Who of course every Bostonian hates. So he was met with lots of boos.

Prince’s Family Defends Timberlake Performance
Everyone had something to say about Justin Timberlake’s tribute to Prince during the Super Bowl. Some people said Prince would not have wanted to have been there on the projector, but Prince’s sister is coming to Justin’s defense. She basically said that no one can exactly predict what Prince would have thought about that whole thing. And that even if Prince would not have liked it, he would’ve said his peace and kept it moving. He wasn’t one to dwell or hold grudges.

Kim K Makes $10M in Perfume
Kim Kardashian’s dumb Valentine’s Perfume line isn’t so dumb after all. It sold out in just four days… and Kim got herself a cool $10M.

Drake Shoots Video at Miami High School
SO cool. Drake was in Miami shooting a music video for his song Gods Plan at a high school. The kids were involved with the shoot, too. He gave the school $25K and promised to help design new school uniforms. THEN, Drake went to the University of Miami and awarded a $50k scholarship to a biology student. He also performed for the crowd there too.

Bruno Mars Wants to Curate the 2019 Halftime Show
Bruno Mars is trying to curate the Super Bowl halftime show next year. He’s pushing to get really great hip hop artists since it’s taking place in Atlanta. He wants Outkast, TI, Lil Jon… lots of guys to join in. He tweeted the NFL and said he wants to make it happen.

Shawn Mendes Performs at Bat Mitzvah
Woah. We hear about celebrities doing crazy performances for rich people all the time. Welp Shawn Mendes was paid to perform for 275 13-year-olds at a bat mitzvah for the daughter of the guy who created Vitamin and Smart waters. The party itself cost between $5-7M, and Grandmaster Flash was the DJ. Plus, there were almost 50 horse-drawn carriages waiting to bring the guests from Temple to the party at the Plaza Hotel. This is the same guy who paid Justin Timberlake over a million to sing for his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary back in 2013.

Gronk’s House Robbed
There was a burglary at Gronk’s house while he was gone for the Super Bowl. NOT COOL. The reports are that cops were called to Rob’s house because his safes were broken into, and also possibly guns were stolen as well. There is an active investigation underway. The police won’t confirm the exact items stolen. They’re not saying much honestly.

T.Swift Buys Apartment Building Next to Hers
You know how Taylor Swift has an apartment in New York? Which I guess consists of two different apartments put together? Welp, looks like she just bought the entire apartment building next to hers. It’s unclear if she’s going to try to break through the walls to combine the two, or whatever. People are also speculating that she would just use the garage in that new building so she could come and go without the paparazzi seeing her. Which would be a pretty expensive garage investment… almost $9.75M.

Timberlake Extends MOTW Tour
Justin Timberlake has announced an extension of his Man of the Woods tour. Which means he added another date here in Boston. So now he’ll be at TD Garden April 4th and 5th.

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