By: Extra Eric

All this time Kylie Jenner has actually been pregnant!

Yesterday, the makeup mogul took to social media to share a note that she gave birth to her daughter three days before on February 1st. Naturally, it got announced on the same day as the Super Bowl!

Accompanying the social announcements was a YouTube video titled “To Our Daughter” that basically gives us a behind the scenes look at the last 9-months, which she has kept a secret.

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In the video, Kylie and BFF Jordyn joke about if the baby girl will hate makeup, or be a professional by age 5. It also shows her craving for Tasty Burger — cheeseburger and fries well done (sometimes cheese fries)! We even get to see sister Kim’s baby Chicago West before the fully settled on that name

Congratulations Kylie!! Bring us some baby merch or something. Here’s the official announcement:


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