Fresh from the halftime show, Justin performed two 'Man of the Woods' tracks.

By Hayden Wright

Justin Timberlake anchored last night’s Super Bowl halftime show all by himself: You’d think that after the set was over, he’d crack open a beer and put his feet up. Not so fast for the “Rock Your Body” hitmaker, who appeared on The Tonight Show‘s Minneapolis taping after the game was over. He played material from his new album and welcomed country star Chris Stapleton to the stage.


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Justin performed “Say Something,” the Stapleton duet that serves as Man of the Woods‘ third single. Wearing a beanie and holding an acoustic guitar, he and his country comrade introduced Minnesotans to the new song.

Timberlake also turned in a live rendition of “Supplies,” Man of the Woods‘ second single. He performed with a troupe of backup dancers for the folk-affected pop track.

The Philadelphia Eagles may have won the game, but diehard Justin Timberlake fans won the night. Watch Justin’s post-game performances here:

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