By: Extra Eric


Kim Kardashian just launched her new KIMOJI Heart Fragrances today that have been all over social media…even a Twitter moment! They easily have the coolest press kits around because they come in a chocolate heart that you break open and inside is the fragrance filled with lots of candy hearts!

Here are the fragrances:

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In a recent Snapchat, the reality mogul said she will be sending bottles to all her “lovers, haters, and to everyone that I think of.” Included was a list (below) of post-it notes with famous names.

The list includes Taylor Swift, Wendy Williams, Sharon Osbourne, Black Chyna, and Piers Morgan among others who she has had disagreements with in the public eye. 2018 is so wild!!

Check out all the names below! Hint: the names on the left are the haters…


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