Pats Cheerleaders Skate with Kerrigan
This is so cool. Some of the Pats cheerleaders got to hang out with Nancy Kerrigan yesterday in Minneapolis. She taught the girls some basic skating moves and they then led Nancy through a Pats cheer. Gotta shout out my girl Ashley who was one of the cheerleaders… and made TMZ! Ha! The whole thing is supposed to be on Inside Edition tonight.

Watchdog Group Wants Timberlake Squeaky Clean
Justin Timberlake has received an open letter from some watchdog group called the Parents Television Council, asking him to keep it clean this Sunday. They don’t want a repeat of what happened in 2004 when he pulled Janet Jackson’s shirt to the side so we could see her boob. They want a “positive, uplifting and entertaining halftime show.”

Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan Coming to Fenway
Country fans! Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan just announced a summer stadium tour. They’ll be at Fenway Park two nights, July 5th and 6th.

Blue Ivy’s Purse was $2700
If you think you’re poor, get ready to feel even worse! Blue Ivy had a cute little purse with her at the Grammys. It was white and heart-shaped. Welp, that little number is made by Valentino, and it’s a mere $2700. NBD.

Beyonce Doing Marvel’s Black Panther?
A couple of Beyonce’s looks for the Grammys festivities this weekend were inspired by the Black Panther Party, which was a group that would patrol black neighborhoods and protect its residents from police brutality. We saw her homage to them during her Super Bowl performance, too. Anyway, lots of her fans on social media are reading further into her recent looks, and are thinking that perhaps it also has something to do with Marvel’s Black Panther movie which comes out in a couple of weeks. They’re wondering if she’s in the movie or has contributed somehow.

Drake Makes History
Drake has made history and become the latest rapper to get the most top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He surpassed Jay Z, and has 22 in total.

Lorde Thanks Fans in Newspaper Ad
Lorde took out a full-page newspaper ad in the New Zealand Herald, thanking her fans. It was a hand-written note that said “I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for loving and embracing [my album] the way you did. My nomination belongs to you. Thank you, also, for believing in female musicians. You set a beautiful precedent. All my love, Lorde”

Calvin Harris “Explains” Beard
Calvin Harris took to Twitter last night to explain why he grew a beard last year… although I seriously can’t tell if this is a joke. He said he grew it to be taken seriously by the Grammys as a producer, and it worked to an extent since he was nominated for Producer of the Year. He lost, so he said that his experiment is completed and he can move forward with 2018.

Grammys Clarifies Women Comments
I told you the other day that the guy who’s in charge of the Grammys was asked about his take on why women were under-represented at the awards on Sunday, and he said that the women need to “step up” and that the industry needs to welcome them. Lots of people were unhappy with his statement, including people like Pink and Katy Perry, and he has now clarified his words. He regrets using the words stand up, and says that they were taken out of context. He acknowledged that women don’t face the same barriers that men in the industry face and believes that if the community welcomes the women, it will be richer for it.

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