Mila Kunis Accepts Hasty Pudding Award
Mila Kunis showed up yesterday to accept her Hasty Pudding Award … and it was also announced that the troupe will finally be accepting women to perform on stage. Some protestors showed up yesterday — my favorite sign was “Patriarchy is a Drag,” which is of course a reference to the dudes who dress in drag to perform. Mila herself performed on stage with them and admitted that she can’t do a Boston accent. BTW she also said Tom Brady was arguably the greatest

Vanity Fair Photoshops Oprah a Third Hand
The Vanity Fair Hollywood issue came out yesterday, and on the front cover, Oprah is hugging Reese Witherspoon. Because of the lighting, it looks like Reese has three legs… which is awkward. So someone called it out, and Reese responded “Well…I guess everybody knows now. I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am.” BUT THEN – in another photo, it legitimately looks like Oprah has three hands. Probably some sort of photoshop fail. Anyway… Oprah got in on the gag too and wrote “I accept your 3rd leg. As I know, you accept my 3rd hand.” BAHAHA Vanity Fair has responded. They confirmed that Reese’s third leg is actually just a shadow/the lining of her dress…but they said “As for Oprah, how can we expect her to juggle it all with just two hands?” And they made the shrugging happy face (not an emoji… with actual characters on the keyboard) … with three hands. They’re correcting the error. If they need a new photoshopper, I’m happy to assist…

Christina Aguilera Drives 272 Feet
Christina Aguilera was spotted out earlier this week in Hollywood… and I guess she was wearing really high heels and didn’t want to walk. So she used a car to drive approximately 272 feet to her next destination down the street. BAHAHA.

Marvel’s Black Panther Facing Solid Opening Weekend
Marvel’s Black Panther doesn’t open for another three weeks, but the predictions for the movie are already pretty huge. Some tracking services are estimating that it will bring in as much as $150M over four days. Meanwhile, we’re giving you tickets to see a 3-D advance screening of the movie before it hits theaters. Winning begins tomorrow morning at 10:10 every hour on the 10s.

Justin Bieber Reportedly Skipping the Grammys
Justin Bieber won’t be at the Grammys, according to TMZ. Apparently the kid isn’t doing any awards shows until he has a new album. I like it! Take the time off, man!

Chrissy Tiegen had a Toilet Emergency
John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen almost had a crisis at their house yesterday. Chrissy wrote on Twitter that she went to use the bathroom at her house because she reaaaaaaalllly hadda go number one… and she was running into the bathroom and there was NO toilet. She was very upself. So Questlove of the Roots saw this unfolding and was trying to get involved. Someone else on twitter got involved and wondered if her husband John had taken her john. So then JOHN sees the tweet and is all, I can explain. And explain he did. Turns out they are upgrading to one of those “fancy Japanese [toilets] that opens itself and washes your butt,” as he described. And their contractor apparently decided that there should be a toilet-less transition period for them, as he put it. Ah ha. Problem solved.

Dave Chappelle Opening Grammys
I already told you that Kendrick Lamar is opening the Grammys with U2… but they’re adding another performer into that mix. Dave Chappelle is going to somehow be a part of it too. (BTW: U2 will not be live; their part will have been taped this weekend somewhere on the Hudson River.) Check it out this Sunday at 7:30 on CBS.

Aly Raisman, Yara Shahidi & More Model for Aerie
Things just keep getting better for Aly Raisman. She, along with fellow local girl Rachel Platten, and Black-ish/Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi are the newest models for Aerie by American Eagle… and what’s awesome about their campaign is that there’s zero retouching.

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