Eliza Dushku Reveals #MeToo Story 
Over the weekend Eliza Dushku, who played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in True Lies, revealed that she was molested by the stunt coordinator while filming the movie. She was 12, and he was 36. Many people she and confided in when it happened have confirmed her story, including her legal guardian on the set. The guardian also confirmed what Eliza said, that as soon as the guardian had told someone in authority, Eliza ended up in the hospital with a broken rib after a stunt gone wrong (the man who assaulted her was in charge of coordinating her stunts and keeping her safe).

New Hampshire Cops Warning Taylor of “Boyfriend”
Cops in New Hampshire are getting in touch with Taylor Swift’s team to warn them about a guy who believes he is her boyfriend. He was at the police station for unrelated questioning when he told them that Taylor is his girlfriend, and that he has a gun so he can protect her. He also asked how many states he could drive through with a concealed carry permit. He’s 58.

Lifetime TV Bringing Royal Wedding to TV
Welp, big surprise here… Lifetime TV is working on a Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story movie. Of course the two broke the internet when they announced their engagement in November. There’s no premiere date set, but when they did a similar movie for Price William & Dutchess Kate, it aired about a week before their wedding. Harry & Meghan set their date for May 19th so maybe we’ll see the lame movie early May.

Offset Gets Cardi B Neck Tattoo
Just weeks after rumors (and pretty much a confirmation from Cardi B herself) that her fiancé Offset cheated on her… he showed up with a new neck tattoo… of Cardi B’s name. So, I guess that’s love.

#TSRTattz – Y’all feelin’ #offset ‘s new #CardiB tatt?

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Selena Gomez’ Mom Unhappy with Bieber 
Selena Gomez’ mom did an interview with Gossip Cop and confirmed that she isn’t insanely thrilled about Selena dating Justin again. She said she herself hasn’t spoken to Justin, even via text, in years. Selena’s mom went on to say that her daughter is old enough to make her own choices, and as long as she is happy safe and healthy, there you go.

Aziz Ansari Accused of Misconduct
Over the weekend Aziz Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct by a photographer he met at a party. The two exchanged numbers, went on a date and things got sexual when she went back to his house. She recounted the whole thing to a media outlet called Babe and said that in the moment she couldn’t tell if it was an awkward date or sexual assault, and it wasn’t until later that she classified it as such. She told Aziz the next day via text that she was uncomfortable. Aziz has responded, confirming the events and making it clear that he was under the impression everything was consensual. (This issue has divided the internet; it’s worth reading the original piece and also this Atlantic article that’s making headlines.)

Timberlake Doing Album Party at Paisley Park
Pretty cool for Justin Timberlake. He’s hosting a listening party for his new album three days before the Super Bowl, at Prince’s Paisley Park.

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