Weinstein’s Wife Could Make $12M in Divorce
Georgina Chapman, AKA Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife, is set to make some SERIOUS cash in this divorce. I’m talking, just under $12M. Get this. She could get $400k for every year that they’ve been married… 10 years. Then she gets some more cash. And then some spousal support for $4M… and a housing allowance for $3M. There’s a gag order though with this prenup, so we won’t be hearing from her at all about her side of the story.

It Took 23+ Years for Mariah’s Song to Make Top 10
For the first time, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” has reached into the Billboard top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was released over 23 years ago. Mariah said she feels honored to have this be happening and she is “proud of this song that I wrote basically as a kid on little Casio keyboard.”

Enrique Iglesias is a Dad
Looks like Enrique Iglesias is a dad! It was reported yesterday that Anna Kournikova, who is his rumored wife but they’ve never confirmed it, gave birth to twins over the weekend. Nicholas and Lucy are their names. No one had any idea she was pregnant. The last photo TMZ had of her was November 2016. That is freakin’ awesome.

TMZ: Selena’s Mom is Very Unhappy About Bieber
TMZ is reporting that Selena Gomez’ mom is so unhappy with her dating Justin Bieber again that she had to be taken to a hospital. They’re saying that police went to an LA-area hotel last week to do a welfare check on her, at a family member’s request. She was voluntarily transported for treatment, which implies that she’s seeking mental health care. TMZ says that Selena and her mom had gotten into a heated conversation about her reunion with Justin and revealed that she and Justin were in couples therapy.

Lady Gaga Reportedly Getting Vegas Residency
Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to star in her very own Vegas residency. It would be 50 shows and she’d apparently be pulling in $100M.

Charlie Puth & Hailee Steinfeld on Tour
Charlie Puth and Hailee Steinfeld are going on tour together this summer, for the Voicenotes Tour it’s called. They will be swinging through Boston at the Blue Hills Bank Pavillion July 13th. Pre-sale ticks start today, general public on Friday.

New Bruno Mars Coming!
Reports are swirling that Bruno Mars is going to hit us with new music January 4th.

BBC Making Weinstein Documentary
Never too soon I guess! BBC Two has announced that they are commissioning a two-part documentary detailing the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein. There’s no release date yet.

Netflix Helps Facilitate Proposal
Netflix is really stepping up their customer service game. They helped a dude propose to his girlfriend.

Oceans 8 Trailer Released

Darlene Love on Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon and the Roots had on Anna Kendrick and this lady named Darlene Love, who is best known for her Christmas songs. They sang “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” with classroom instruments.

John Legend to Play Jesus
WOAH. John Legend is set to play Jesus in the live rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s set to air on NBC Easter Sunday.

Meryl Streep Responds to Rose McGowan
Meryl Streep has responded to Rose McGowan’s comments accusing Meryl Streep of perpetuating the sexual misconduct problem by remaining silent. It’s a very, very long statement. But Meryl makes it clear: she did not know, and she is on Rose’s side. Meryl also made it clear that as soon as she saw the headlines, she made sure Rose got her personal phone number so the two could talk about it, and she was waiting for a call. For what it’s worth, Rose sort of apologized for her words… SORT OF. She had quipped that everyone should wear a particular brand of clothing that’s headed up by Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife. So Rose said that line was beneath her and she’s sorry for saying that.

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