By: Extra Eric

You are my best friend!

SOFI TUKKER stopped by the 103.3 AMP Radio studio to talk with Vanessa Hale! Did you know the duo both went to college right across the border at Brown?

Their song “Best Friend” featuring NERVO, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno is currently blowing up and the group opened up to V Hale about how the song came about. “This track has a fun story.”

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The song started out in a garage with Tukker making the beats in a garage. After being on the phone with her best friend, Tukker says Sofi came back into the room and said, “I love my friend so much can I write about it I just love her?” Of course, they went for it!

NERVO ended up connecting the group to Japanese artist Alisa Ueno because they do music in different languages. Alisa ended up loving the song and so did NERVO, so the girls told SOFI TUKKER that they wanted to be on the song as well. Since it’s a song about best friends they had to ask their real bffs, The Knocks, to hop on the track too!

Listen to the rest of the story above.


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