By: Extra Eric

Charli XCX already dropped the most fire mixtape of 2017 with Number 1 Angel, and she’s about to outdo herself again!

The “Boys” singer has been planning on releasing new music and she’s teased months ago she might drop another mixtape before her album comes out. Well, it looks like that is true! Recently, a tracklist surfaced on Twitter and the lineup of artists features is honestly out of this world.

Check it out:

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The return of Carly Rae Jepsen ahead of her upcoming album is iconic. Pablo Vittar is the perfect choice for a mixtape feature. Tove Lo & ALMA are her bffs. We can always take another CupcaKKe song because “Lipgloss” was epic.

Kim Petras isn’t as expected, but her new song “I Don’t Want It At All” is a must listen, and she’s friends with Paris Hilton so win win. We know this mixtape will deliver since she’s also working with some of the hottest producers out there now, such as Sophie.

The “Boys” songstress took to Twitter to comment on the mixtape news — it’s clearly coming…and we’re not ready!


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