By: Extra Eric

Let’s make a video!

YouTube sensation Poppy stopped by the 103.3 AMP Radio studio to play 103 Questions with Extra Eric. During the game, she revealed that she is “almost done” with her second album, which she is again making in Japan.

Thankfully, she’s once again tapped Simon Wilcox, who has written for everyone from Carly Rae Jepsen and Britney Spears to Fifth Harmony and DNCE, to help her craft her second masterpiece — Simon wrote half of Poppy’s debut album “Simon a very wonderful person, and she is a very talented songwriter.”

The “Moshi Moshi” singer wouldn’t give any additional details about her upcoming album except that “it’s really good” and “it’s new pop music.” She is in fact traveling back to Japan to complete the album. It can’t come soon enough!

When it comes to working in Japan, she said “they make really beautiful pop music and I just really wanted some of the magic from Japan’s pop music in Poppy’s pop music.”

Check out the full 103 Questions video below:


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