By: Extra Eric


Little Mix dropped their album Glory Days last November — Glory Days: The Platinum Edition will drop on Friday — and it featured that track “Oops,” which featured Charlie Puth. The other day on the X-Factor UK, contestant Sam Black performed the song and judge Simon Cowell wasn’t too fond of the performance at all.

Here’s what he had to say.

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Mixers were NOT happy when Simon said “the horrible song choice” and they’re taking it as shade against the group that won the show back in 2011. What’s interesting about his wording was that he said it was a horrible song choice, but didn’t follow up with any encouraging words about the group, or the quality of the original song. Fellow judge, Louis Walsh, was quick to point out to Simon that “it was a Little Mix song!”

Back on 103 Questions, Charlie Puth explained to me that the reason we have the song “Oops” is because of “the genius of Simon Cowell.” His track “Marvin Gaye” was so successful — Number 1 — in the UK, so “Simon Cowell had reached out to my camp and said that he wanted a record like ‘Marvin Gaye’ for Little Mix,” so that’s exactly what Puth did.

Was he actually shading the group? Who knows. Regardless, you would think he’d play up how great the track is since he was the man behind it — even if the performance was awful.


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