Carrie Underwood Broke her Wrist
Carrie Underwood fell and broke her wrist at her house this weekend. She had to pull out of a performance but updated everyone yesterday saying that she’ll be OK, it’ll likely just take some time. She fell on some steps at her house and suffered cuts and abrasions in addition to the broken wrist.

Keith Urban Reviews “Reputation”
Keith Urban decided to tweet Taylor Swift a little review of her album, which is pretty interesting. He said he loved End Game — actually, that it’s her A Game — and that New Year’s Day is a gorgeous song. Taylor was pretty pumped to hear from her country friend, writing back “THANK YOU SO MUCH! PS, I adored your CMA performance.” Awwww.

Gaga Stops Show to Help Injured Fan
Lady Gaga was performing at Mohegan Sun the other night when she noticed a fan who was bleeding because she had been hit in the face. She stopped her show entirely, and made sure the girl was OK and received medical attention. Gaga stopped the show for literally two minutes, and said that it’s a good thing for everyone to remember that there’s more important things than show business. She then dedicated Paparazzi to the girl.

Gal Gadot Refuses to Sign Contract if Ratner Stays
Gal Gadot, AKA Wonder Woman, has reportedly refused to sign a contract for the hit movie’s sequel unless Brett Ratner is no longer affiliated with the project. Brett, like many others in Hollywood, has been accused of sexual harassment.

Taylor Dishes on Reputation
In case you want to read deep into Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, she revealed that it’s a pretty linear record. So, the first song starts out where she was when she first started making the record, and then it ends with the last song being more where she is in her life right now. So it starts with Ready for it?, and ends with New Year’s Day.

Taylor’s Coming to Gillette Stadium
Taylor will be here July 28th. Tickets go on Sale December 13th (ahem, her birthday) so get your piggybanks ready.

Robert Kraft Spotted in the North End
Robert Kraft was spotted at Fiore in the North End this weekend. He took some pictures with people and I even heard he covered the bill for an entire table.

Shaq Drops $1MILLION on Daughter’s Party
Shaq’s daughter Mimi turned 16 over the weekend and her party puts My Super Sweet 16 to shame. Shaq and his ex wife rented out the entire rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood, hired YG to perform 8 songs, and gifted the girl with a brand new Mercedes G Wagon (those start at $122,000). All in, the shindig cost Shaq and his ex $1M.

Louis CK Comes Clean
BTW I told you Friday that Louis CK was accused of pleasuring himself in front of at least 5 different women. Welp, Friday night he confessed that the accusations are true and he apologized. I certainly don’t condone his behavior but I guess at the very least, we should say, thanks for owning up to it.

Miley and Liam are Married?!
Rumors are swirling that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are finally married. The two were spotted wearing bands around THOSE FINGERS the other day.

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