Oprah’s Favorite Things
Oprah has released her annual list of her favorite things. It’s 102 different products, ranging form clothes and kitchen gadgets to electronics and syrup. Also, a tree. If you buy everything on the list, and use Oprah’s 20% discount where you can, you’d drop $12,200.

Kelly Clarkson on Social Media
Kelly Clarkson gave a little peek into what it’s like to be a step-parent to a 16 year old. She said that she’s trying to teach her step daughter to ignore social media as much as she can. Kelly said she keeps reminding her that she herself gets bullied all the time online and you just have to keep blinders on and worry about your own path and no one else’s.

Alec Baldwin: Yes, I’m Sexist
Alec Baldwin spoke out about the harassment allegations affecting Hollywood, admitting that he himself has treated women in a sexist way. Baldwin went on to say it’s not intentionally, but from time to time he’s treated women differently than men. The actor added that he would like to change, and hopes to see a change in other industries as well.

JLaw Fills in for Jimmy Kimmel
Jennifer Lawrence filled in for Jimmy Kimmel last night and interviewed Kim Kardashian. She actually did a great job. She asked Kim if she farts in front of Kanye.

Trump’s Twitter was Down
President Trump’s twitter went down yesterday for 11 minutes. Everyone was like, what happened to this guy’s account? Welp, turns out that someone at Twitter, on their last day at the company, decided their parting gift would be to take Trump’s account down. Twitter got it up and running fast and they’re conducting a full internal review too.

Zayn Doesn’t Talk to 1D Anymore
Zayn sat down with Billboard to chat about his life, noting that he doesn’t talk to the 1D boys at all anymore. He claims he doesn’t feel too competitive with them, but whatever. BTW, he’s been living on a farm in Pennsylvania. He’s been doing farm work, taking the horses out, feeding the cows, etc.

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