Kevin Spacey Seeking Treatment
Kevin Spacey’s representative confirmed that he is seeking evaluation and treatment. This comes just days after he apologized for assaulting actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was 14, though Spacey says he didn’t remember — and also used the apology to come out as a gay man.

Iron Man is Back for Avengers
Robert Downey Jr was spotted on set of the Avengers yesterday. His appearance seems to confirm that Iron Man is returning for the fourth movie.

The Rock Surprises Kids with Gifts
The Rock surprised three Make A Wish recipients with custom Xbox One X consoles, a week before they go on sale. They consoles have the Rock’s logo on them, as well as a personal holiday message. The kids got to check out the set of his new movie, hang out in their own personalized director’s chairs, and ride in exotic cars.

Macys Announces Thanksgiving Day Parade Performers
Macys announced its celebrity attendees and performers appearing in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The performers include but are not limited to: 98 Degrees, Jimmy Fallon & the Roots, Flo Rida, Goo Goo Dolls and Bebe Rhexa.

Lady Gaga Engaged?
UsWeekly is reporting that Lady Gaga is engaged to her boyfriend Christian Carino and that they’ve actually been engaged since the summer. But no official word coming from either of them, so… The two have been dating since at least February – that’s when they were first spotted together.

Beyonce Confirms Lion King
After months of speculation, Beyonce is set to voice the role of Nala in Disney’s live action version of the Lion King. She’s joining James Earl Jones who plays Mufasa, as well as Donald Glover who plays Simba. Jon Favreau is directing and it’s set for a July 2019 release.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up to Howard Stern
Kelly Clarkson stopped by the Howard Stern show yesterday and we learned some interesting tidbits about her. She initially started singing because she couldn’t afford to pay for an instrument and join band, so she joined choir instead. Kelly had no idea she was on the series finale of Idol — she was pregnant and just didn’t even realize it was the finale. And, she once had a meltdown over the fact that she needed milk and she couldn’t just run out to the store to buy it without everyone talking to her. That’s when she realized that she couldn’t have her old life back.

Gronk v Gina Rodriguez (Rap Battle)
Gronk was on Drop the Mic and did a rap battle against Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin. He was so bad and she was so good and the whole thing was just awesome.

Mila Kunis’ UPS Driver Saw her Boobs
Mila Kunis revealed that her UPS driver once saw her boobs by accident. She had just given birth to her second kid and was at home by herself with Dmitri, when her UPS driver pulled up. She wasn’t really thinking, and she just kind of hung around the door area with her boobs hanging out because she was nursing, and the guy totally saw. Mila said she wasn’t embarrassed at all, and honestly felt bad for the guy because it was the last thing he was expecting to see.

Taylor Swift Buys $18M Townhouse
Taylor Swift reportedly bought herself a townhouse in New York next to the building where she already owns an apartment. It went for $18M and has over 5100 square feet.

Selena Wearing Bieber’s Jersey
Oh my God. Selena Gomez was spotted cheering Justin Bieber on at a hockey game he was playing in… and she left wearing his jersey. They definitely left together.

T.Swift Dropping New Song
Taylor Swift is dropping a new song at midnight – it’s called Call it What You Want. Also, next Thursday, which is a day before her album come sour, she’s going to be performing one of her songs from the album on Shonda Rhimes’ TGIT lineup on ABC. So like, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM, etc.

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