Kathy Griffin Blasts TMZ, Andy Cohen, etc
Kathy Griffin is coming for TMZ’s Harvey Levin, as well as her former boss Andy Cohen (she used to do a show on Bravo, which is his network) – and a whole bunch of people in Hollywood who she believes have done her wrong. She did a 17 minute video. First off, she gave out Harvey’s personal phone number. She also accused Andy Cohen of offering her cocaine before appearing on Watch What Happens Live. Andy has denied the accounts. Pretty sure I can’t post the video because she curses but just do some light googling; you’ll find it.

Kevin Spacey Comes Out, Apologizes for Assault
Kevin Spacey has responded to accusations from actor Anthony Rapp that Kevin made advances on him when Anthony was just 14 years old. Kevin says he doesn’t remember but apologizes if he did do that, and he also used the apology to announce that he is “choosing to live as a gay man” now. Guy really knows how to control a narrative, huh? Good lord.

JLaw Apologized to Ana Farris During Cheating Rumors
Remember when we learned that Chris Pratt and Ana Farris broke up? So, in her new book she addresses the rumors that Jennifer Lawrence broke up their marriage. Jennifer and Chris were working on a movie together. Ana said that her publicist tried to warn her that photographers will grab whatever pics they can of the two of them on set to sell a story… Ana thought she could handle it, but realized it was harder than she thought. And she added that Jennifer Lawrence was beyond amazing, and kept apologizing even though she had done nothing wrong.

Rihanna Spotted in Boston
Rihanna and her boyfriend were spotted in Boston this weekend. Friday they hit up Scampo in the Liberty Hotel and then on Saturday they hit up STRIP by Strega. It’s unclear why they were in town.

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion
Taylor Swift released her video for Ready For It on Friday and she’s in this nude bodysuit kind of thing, and she looks absolutely fantastic. Apparently people had a lot to say — some I guess thought it was too racy, whatever. Regardless, Taylor doesn’t care — she took to Instagram to write “it truly warms my heart that people had so much to say about this bodysuit” with the cry face laughing emoji.

Ed Sheeran is Doing OK Post-Bike Accident
Ed Sheeran went back to the doctor and got the OK from the doc to begin playing again. He of course had to cancel some shows when he broke some bones after a biking accident. But he was able to reschedule most of them — except for a few which have to be totally canceled. Ed said he feels awful for everyone who is affected by this and is working to get to those cities again as soon as he can, which are Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Jakarta.

Kristen Bell Goes as Elsa from Frozen
This is amazing. Kristen Bell, AKA Anna from Frozen, had to spend Halloween with her daughter as… wait for it… ELSA from Frozen! LOL! Her daughter demanded that they both be Elsa.

Miley Cyrus Chats on CBS This Morning
Miley Cyrus chatted with CBS This Morning about being a Disney kid and growing up on Hannah Montana. She said overall, it’s just a lot to put on a kid.

Kelly Clarkson: Meryl Streep’s Rejection was the Best
Kelly Clarkson said that the best rejection she’s ever had was actually from Meryl Streep. She loves her, and basically sent this request to her – via her people – to see if she could collaborate for her new album. So Meryl was really busy, but instead of just having her people tell Kelly’s people that she couldn’t do it, she wrote Kelly a personal note and mailed it to her house. How sweet is that. Kelly said she was so excited about the rejection she felt like she was reading a college acceptance letter.

Selena Gomez & Francia Open Up on Today Show
The interview with Selena Gomez and her buddy Francia who gave Selena her kidney aired on the Today Show this morning. Selena admitted she was very, very close to being on dialysis and as soon as Francia found out, she just went for it — but it was scary for Francia, too. In fact, she had to create a will and her parents were really terrified about the process.

Cardi B Engaged
Cardi B got engaged over the weekend. Her dude Offset from Migos got down and proposed to her during one of their shows in Philly over the weekend. They’ve been dating since at least the beginning of the year, which is when they were spotted together for the first time. They also broke up last weekend for a hot second. Congrats?

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