Kardashians Re-Up for $150M
Just when you thought it would end… the Kardashians upped their deal with E and will be on the air for another 5 seasons. They’re making $150M ($30M a season)… and they decide who gets paid what. E just gives them the overall cash. Say what you will, but Kris Jenner negotiated the deal, which is 50% higher than the last time she negotiated with E… and she’s taking a 10% cut like all managers do. But she’ll also be getting a piece of the remaining pie. Not bad, Kris. Not bad.

Chris Brown Wants JLo Bad (Don’t We All?)
Chris Brown revealed that he is all for Jennifer Lopez… and even if she’s 70 years old, she could still get it. He did an interview with Angie Martinez and said that even though he’s been to her house to write with her a few times, he is in work mode so he keeps it super professional. But in real life, he wants her bad.

Kelly Clarkson Clarifies Previous Story
Kelly Clarkson is clarifying some statements she made which I reported yesterday. A publication had reported that she was miserable because she felt pressure to be thin, and she wanted to kill herself. Turns out, it was reported a little inaccurately — Kelly said she was miserable, and as a result, she became thin. And she wasn’t truly suicidal.

Taylor Swift Pays for Fan’s Treatment
Taylor Swift recently helped out a fan who is newly pregnant. After learning that doctors believe there is a high risk of miscarriage, Taylor arranged for an expert doctor to take care of the pregnant fan, and Taylor has reportedly taken care of all the finances as well.

Drake Celebrates Birthday with Bar Mitzvah
Drake celebrated his 31st birthday the other day with a re-bar mitzvah. Get it? You get a bar mitzvah when you are 13 and he is now 31? Anyway, tons of stars were there – Leo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Lamar Odom, etc. He had arcade games, a photo booth, Dippin Dots ice cream and custom pizza boxes with Drake’s picture on the label. Drake’s dad performed a few songs too, which is hilarious.

Bieber Hangs with Selena
This is awesome, Justin Bieber was spotted hanging out at Selena’s house with a bunch of friends. Her boyfriend the Weeknd wasn’t there because he’s on tour, but it was a group hang and it seems as though they’re on good terms.

Bieber Renting $55k/mo House
Bieber is renting himself a pretty sweet house in Beverly Hills. It goes for a whopping $55k a month, and it’s got 6 beds, 5 and a half bathrooms, a movie theater, a gym, a pool, a spa and a fire pit. Annnnnd, the bathrooms have TVs anthem.

John Mayer Celebrates 1 Year Sober
Very cool of John Mayer. Yesterday he celebrated one year of sobriety. He just decided that drinking needed to take a break from being in his life… so he did it, and he’s found it to be a “constant return on investment” and wants other people to know they can do it too.

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