Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Weight
Kelly Clarkson is opening up about the time in her life when she was very skinny, saying that she was miserable inside and out for four years and wanted to kill herself, but no one cared because aesthetically, she “made sense.” She also revealed that she wrecked her knees and her feet because she used to run so much and was at the gym all the time. She said now, she doesn’t obsesses about her weight… and realizes that you always want what someone else has. She wants a better metabolism, but knows there’s someone out there who wants to be able to walk into a room and make friends with everyone like she can.

Matt Damon Answers Weinstein Questions
Matt Damon opened up to Good Morning America about Harvey Weinstein – you’ll remember a journalist accused Matt of shutting down a similar story about Weinstein years ago. He explained that he knew Harvey had a reputation for being a bully, but that he never knew about the level of predation.

Michael Bay Producing Live Action Dora Movie
Michael Bay has signed on to produce a live-action Dora the Explorer movie. The script is being kept under wraps, but it will reportedly focus on Dora and Diego moving to the big city.

Katy Perry Crashes Wedding
Pretty awesome — Katy Perry was staying at the Four Seasons in St Louis this weekend and saw that there was a wedding going on… so she asked the bride and groom if she could crash their party, and they said yes. She and about 30 people crashed the wedding for about 20 minutes. She was going to perform but it got too rowdy so she pulled the plug.

DJ Khaled Buys Son $100k Watch
I told you yesterday that DJ Khaled threw his son a first birthday bash that was six figures… and now we know what he got the little guy for his birthday. A watch. With more than 600 diamonds, And 11.65 carats. For just over $100,000. Okie dokie.

Justin Bieber Trespasser Arrested
Oh boy. A woman was arrested at Justin Bieber’s house because she wandered onto the property for the THIRD time his week. She’s in her 40s and apparently when she showed up before, they warned her but finally she showed up for a third time and they were like, you’re out. Bieber was home but he never made contact with the lady.

Blake Trolls Ryan’s Birthday
Do you remember for Blake Lively’s birthday, her husband Ryan Reynolds wished her a happy birthday by cropping her out of a photo of the two of them? Welp she’s gotten her revenge…

Kelly Clarkson Previews Album
Kelly Clarkson has released a teaser for her upcoming album Meaning of Life, which is out this Friday. She’s given us a preview to all of the songs.

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