Kesha Dedicates Song to Fan’s Mom
Kesha performed at CBS’ We Can Survive concert this weekend and dedicated her song Praying to one of her biggest fan’s mom, who is a breast cancer survivor. The kid’s name is Nick, and he’s seen Kesha over 50 times, and he was in attendance at the show too. So cool.

Homeless Woman Tries to Return Wallet to Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was out to dinner the other night and dropped her wallet not he ground. A homeless woman found it, and tried to bring it back to the restaurant where Cameron ate but they told her Cameron had already left and basically kicked the homeless lady out. She stuck around and someone called the cops… which, of course, when they arrived, she handed over the wallet – completely intact.

David Letterman Honored with Mark Twain Prize
Last night, David Letterman was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor Award at the Kennedy Center. Steve Martin, Martin Short, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Kimmel and more were on hand to highlight him. Letterman hosted more than 6,000 episodes of Late Night and was the longest-running host of late-night TV in US history.

Justin Timberlake Doing Super Bowl Show
Justin Timberlake announced last night that he will be doing the half time show at the Super Bowl this year. It’ll be his return to the stage, 14 years after making waves performing with Janet Jackson when she showed her boob.

Adele Offered $26M for Vegas Residency?
Adele has reportedly been offered $26M to do a las Vegas residency. The Wynn has apparently tried to nab the singer for a year-long residency, paying out at $500,000 per show. No word on whether or not she’s taken the offer.

Harry Styles Nearly Groped by Fan
Harry Styles was performing at our CBS We Can Survive Concert this weekend when he bent down on his knees close to the crowd. And some girl reached up and tried to grab his crotch. He swatted them away and went back up to perform at the mic stand. His fans were NOT happy that someone tried to do that.

Who is the “Gorgeous” Baby?
If you’re wondering who the baby is who says “gorgeous” at the beginning of Taylor’s song, you’re not alone. Apparently she told the people who attended her secret sessions listening parties, but they’re sworn to secrecy. A lot of people think it’s Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ daughter James. PS, there’s rumors going around that her album will have a collaboration with both Ed Sheeran and Future.

DJ Khaled Rents Out Night Club for Son
DJ Khaled rented out a night club in Miami over the weekend to celebrate his son’s first birthday. So cute. It was a jungle/lion king theme, and of course he and his son were in matching outlandish outfits. Khaled reportedly dropped six figures on the party.

John Stamos is Engaged
John Stamos is engaged. Sorry ladies and gents. Her name is Caitlyn McHugh, she’s 31. He’s 54. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, as is Uncle Jesse. They’ve been dating about two years. He was married before to Rebecca Romijn.

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