Ed Sheeran Officially Cancels Tour Stops
After a nasty bike accident, Ed Sheeran has had to cancel five of his upcoming shows. He fractured both of his wrists, and his left elbow, and he will be unable to perform live – his gig is just Ed himself, his guitar, and a loop pedal. He is waiting to see if he needs to cancel any more

Trolls Holiday Special Coming to NBC
Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are lending their voices to the Trolls holiday special that’s set to air November 24th on NBC. They’re reprising their roles from the original movie which was out this past November.

Han Solo Star Wars Title Revealed
Ron Howard has announced the name of the Star Wars spin-off featuring a young Han Solo. It’ll simply be titled Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ron also confirmed that production has wrapped. It’s set to come to theaters May 25, 2018.

Demi Lovato Opens Up in YouTube Doc
Seriously if you’re a fan of hers, this is a must-watch. She is hands-down one of my favorites, and I think she’s one of the most under-rated talents in the industry. The documentary is amazing. Around 18 minutes in, she begins to address the time she punched her backup dancer in the face. She is raw, real and painfully honest about what she was dealing with.

Beyonce Turned Down Beauty & the Beast Role
Turns out, Beyonce was offered a role in the live-action Beauty and the Beast…but she turned it down. The director had worked with her on “Dreamgirls” back in 2006, and offered her the role of the french-speaking feather duster, Plumette. She turned it down because it wasn’t a big enough part.

John Mayer Creates Fund in Dad’s Honor
John Mayer was spotted wearing floral scrubs/pajamas and these weird huge red sandal/slipper things… but joke’s on us, because those sandals go for $600! And, in honor of his father who turned 90 last week, John Mayer has established a scholarship fund in his home state of Connecticut. It will go to Bridgeport public HS seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to community and also want to be an educator. John’s dad was an educator in the school system for years.

Katy Perry Commissions Fan to Make a Dress
Very cool. Katy Perry met a fan back stage before her tour the other night and the girl was wearing a dress and shoes that she designed herself, featuring Katy’s logos and everything. Welp sure enough, it caught Katy’s eye… and Katy asked the girl to design one for her and her dog. Katy then posted a video of the girl and the dress on her snap chat, and the girl’s been getting crazy requests from people who want her to design the dress for them.

Tom Hanks Sure Hates Press Junkets
Tom Hanks really let loose on the idea of press junkets. He hates them. Those are basically when movie stars have to sit in a room, day after day, doing interviews with the media, non-stop. It’s literally dozens of interviews in one day. Tom said “it’s the most opprobrious [what does that mean? Let me google that for you… it means “abusive, insulting, offensive”] thing that human beans have ever been put through. It’s merciless.” He said “it goes on forever until you truly can’t fathom the words that are coming out of your mouth.” (Honestly if any other Hollywood person would have said this, people would be soooo pissed that he compared it to a merciless job. When in reality, there are people fighting for our country or teachers or doctors or police officers. But we all love TH, so he gets a free pass I guess! LOL!)

Bob Weinstein Accused of Harassment
Harvey Weinstein’s brother Bob is now being accused of sexual harassment. A show runner for one of his shows alleges that he repeatedly invited her to dinner, to his own or to a hotel room. The interactions allegedly began in June of 2016. Bob’s lawyer and the Weinstein Company both issued statements denying the claims.

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