By: Extra Eric

You already know!

Fergie recently dropped her sophomore album Double Dutchess and a visual album Double Dutchess: Seeing Double, which apparently was pretty costly. The videos are legit stunning and the editing required to make them is on a whole new level.

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With all the visuals comes a high cost of course and Fergie Ferg opened up about it quickly in a new video. One of the questions asked if she was in debt, and she said, “Yes. I am still paying for all the videos that I did for the album so I think I might be about to go on credit.”

She laughed and went on, “I have things that I could sell. It’s fine. It’s cool. You know what? It’s all good?” Check out the full story on Breathe Heavy.

Aside from “Enchante,” you HAVE to check out “Like It Ain’t Nuttin.”


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