Taylor Swift Commenting on Fan’s IG Stories
Pretty awesome, fans have been noticing Taylor Swift joining their live streams or following their stories, and responding and commenting. Sometimes it’s just an emoji, or sometimes she has to say hello a few times and she even wrote “just trying to get noticed over here.” She also responded to a fan’s IG poll about whether or not her album Reputation will live up to her other albums. She voted yes, obviously. Her album comes out November 10th.

Foo Fighters Talk About Carpool Karaoke
The Foo Fighters opened up about filming Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. They filmed for over three hours and they said that it just got uncomfortable. They went to Guitar Center and thought they were done taping but that was only the halfway point. And Dave Grohl said that singing his own songs isn’t is favorite thing, he feels too embarrassed unless he’s on stage at an arena. But, he did say that James is very nice and definitely a music lover.

Angelia Jolie Offered to be Bait for a War Lord
Pretty interesting, documents leaked this weekend showed that Angelina Jolie once reportedly offered to use herself as bait to have dinner with a known war lord, so that the International Criminal Court could arrest him. the plan never went through, but pretty cool.

Jason Aldean Returns to Vegas, Performs on SNL
Just one week after the Las Vegas shooting, Jason Aldean has returned to the city to meet with victims who are still in the hospital. Aldean was on stage when the shooting began. He also opened Saturday Night Live by addressing the event and playing a rendition of Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down. PS, there is some controversy, however, because Dana White of the UFC invited Aldean to perform at the UFC fight on Saturday night in front of many first responders, and his camp reportedly said he was too shaken up and might never perform again. Who knows… people cope with trauma differently.

Demi Lovato: I was Terrified to Sing National Anthem
Demi Lovato opened up to Rolling Stone, and admitted that she was insanely nervous to sing the national anthem before the Mayweather/McGregor fight. In fact, she was shaking so much that she had to hold the microphone with both hands. She also said she’s proud she got so into the election because she believes it’s better to use your voice and lose fans than to not say anything at all and just be a people-pleaser. BTW, she performed over the weekend and when she was singing Stone Cold, which is a very emotional song for her, her voice cracked. She told the host of the event, our buddy Elvis Duran, “that’s what we call not lip syncing.”

Lady Gaga Celebrates Friend Sonja
Lady Gaga shared her first photo with her boyfriend Christian Carino, and it was for a great cause. She was dressed in pink sequins, handing out pink chocolate kisses for breast cancer awareness. She was celebrating her friend Sonja’s birthday who passed away earlier this year after a battle with breast cancer.

Josh Gad Talks the Responsibility of Being Olaf
Josh Gad, AKA Olaf from Frozen, sometimes calls sick kids as Olaf to help lift their spirits. He opened up to Buzzfeed, saying that it’s a little thing that goes a long way but he doesn’t take it lightly, and takes that part of his job seriously. Josh said that he hopes it’s a little distraction for the kids and their parents, and he recognizes that being able to do that for the kids is as much a part of his job as taking the job for commercial reasons is. He added that he would take it all back if it meant that the kids could be healthy.

Nelly Arrested for Rape
Nelly was arrested over the weekend for sexual assault. He has maintained his innocence and claims that he is being targeted. He has not been charged with anything. The woman claims he assaulted her on his tour bus.

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