Jason Aldean Cancels Upcoming Concerts
Jason Aldean announced that he will be canceling his upcoming weekend concerts out of respect to those lost on Sunday night while he was performing on stage in Vegas. He called it the right thing to do, and said the band needs to take some time to mourn.

Kate Winslet is Teaming up with James Cameron Again
Sorry guys, but Kate Winslet revealed that she and Leo DiCaprio never were into each other…which is why they’ve remained friends after 20 years. Speaking of which, Kate is set to team up with Titanic’s director, James Cameron once again. She will be playing the character of Ronal in his Avatar series. The first one is due out December of 2020, with the following 3 released sporadically until 2024.

Sam Smith Dating 13 Reasons Why Guy (ha, see what I did?)
Sam Smith might have a new dude in his life. He was spotted kissing Brandon Flynn, from the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. Sam is 25 and Brandon is 23. Sam is set to perform on SNL this weekend.

Denzel Surprises Grandma
Pretty cool, Denzel Washington was in Chicago the other day when he asked some people for directions real quick… and those people were like, hey my grandma lives across the street and she’s obsessed with you… so he was like, I gotta meet her. So meet her he did. Denzel walked up and knocked on her door to say hi.

Jared Leto Starring as Hugh Hefner
Jared Leto is set to star as the late Hugh Hefner, just a week after the media mogul passed away. He will be starring in a film directed by Brett Ratner. Ratner has worked on films like the Revenant and Black Mass.

JLo Postpones Shows
Yesterday Jennifer Lopez postponed her upcoming Vegas shows tonight, Friday and Saturday out of respect for the victims on Sunday’s shooting. She said she is heartbroken and her thoughts and prayers are will the victims and families.

Celine Dion Donates Show $$ to Vegas Victims
Celine Dion took the stage in Vegas last night for her residency, and dedicated the show to the victims of Sunday’s shooting. She announced that all of the proceeds from her show that night will be donate to the victims.

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