Jake Gyllenhaal Jokes with Jeff Bauman
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman sat down to ask one another questions in order to promote their new movie Stronger, about Jeff’s personal story of surviving the Marathon Bombings. Jeff’s a funny dude and totally busted Jake’s chops. The movie is out Friday.

Linkin Park Chester Memorial Show Announced
Linkin Park has announced a special show in honor of singer Chester Bennington who committed suicide in July. It’ll take place at the Hollywood Bowl in LA on Friday, October 27th. The remaining five band members will perform, as well as a number of other artists. The band’s fees will go toward Music For Relief’s One More Light Fund, created in honor of Chester. Pre-sale tickets begin today, general public Friday.

98 Degrees & Gwen Stefani Christmas Albums Coming
Just what everyone wants; 98 Degrees is coming back with a new Christmas Album. It’s called Let it Snow, and it’s out October 20th. They’re going to go on tour, too. It’s their second Christmas album; the first one, called This Christmas, was released in 1999. BTW – it looks like Gwen Stefani is releasing a Christmas album as well… look for the announcement on Thursday.

TMZ Outs Kevin Hart Extortionist
TMZ is reporting that they know the identity of the woman who is extorting Kevin Hart for cheating on his wife, which he apologized for this weekend. The woman in the video is a traveling exotic dancer from California. Meanwhile, Kevin’s wife is wearing her wedding ring in public, and his ex wife confirmed that lies and infidelity ended their first marriage. BTW – the girl in the video is NOT the same girl as the girl from over the summer where he was canoodling with someone in a car. PS, TMZ caught up with Kevin Hart on Friday, before the public knew what was going on. He was clearly making a joke, but it certainly feels weird now that we know he’s cheated on his wife.

Selena Gomez Collaborates with Puma for $30M
Selena Gomez is not slowing down any time soon. She just partnered with Puma and will be designing new product and star in the marketing campaigns. She had a similar partnership with Adidas a few years ago. She’s reportedly making over $30M for the collaboration. GET IT GIRL.

Beyonce’s Vinyl Album Accidentally Pressed with Punk Band’s Music
So Beyonce has a vinyl copy of her Lemonade album out, and apparently there as a bit of a mix-up at a manufacturing plant in Germany… so some European fans who bought Beyonce’s album actually got music from some other band on Side A. Oops. It was a Canadian punk band ZEX. Could you imagine?

JLo & A-Rod Look for Apartments
Looks like JLo and A-Rod are looking at apartments… Page Six reports that they were checking out some multi-million-dollar apartments in Manhattan the other day. She already has a $22M place but they apparently want one large enough for him, her, and each of their kids.

Kesha Calls Out Dr. Luke Without Saying his Name
Kesha was performing in Vegas the other day when she stopped in the middle of the song “You Don’t Own Me” and talked to the audience (presumably) about Dr Luke, without really saying his name.

Kimye Spent Their Anniversary at IHOP??
Kim Kardashian revealed to Allure Magazine that she and Kanye don’t do gifts anymore. She tries to remain as down to earth as possible, and they don’t do anything for anniversaries and don’t go overboard for their kids. She also claims their anniversary meal was at IHOP but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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