By: Extra Eric

Thank you Simon Cowell!

In 2016, Charlie Puth and Little Mix both dropped new albums, Nine Track Mind and Glory Days. Puth was featured on Glory Days with the track “Oops” — which he wrote — and he explained how the track came about.

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“‘Marvin Gaye’ which did good in the United States and exceptionally well in the U.K. it was like a number one record there” he said. “Simon Cowell had reached out to my camp and said that he wanted a record like ‘Marvin Gaye’ for Little Mix, so I was just like ‘okay let’s write another ‘Marvin Gaye’ for Little Mix!'”

As Charlie said himself it was all because of the genius of Simon Cowell. We owe him a big thank you because “Oops” is a total smash!

Check out Charlie Puth’s full 103 Questions below:


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