Harrison Ford Angrily Directs Traffic in NYC
This is amazing. Harrison Ford was entering a tunnel in Manhattan when he had to stop because there was an accident in front of him. Harrison was the passenger and he didn’t want to wait, so he hopped out of the car, walked out of the tunnel and started directing traffic, having the cars behind him back up and drive into the other tube. At one point it looks like he got so upset that he smacked a Honda Accord that he was directing. So funny. Everyone on the street was like, NO WAY THAT IS HARRISON FORD. Eventually his car was able to back up, he hopped in, and they drove through the other tube.

JLo as Vocal Coach
Jennifer Lopez is apparently totally down to be your vocal coach if you want… A-Rod shared a video of his daughter singing Alessia Cara’s Scars to Your Beautiful and JLo was sitting next to her, teaching her how to hit the high notes. So cute.

Aww so cute ❤️ #jenniferlopez #jlo #jlover #jlovers

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Patty Jenkins to Direct Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins is officially set to direct the Wonder Woman sequel. She will reportedly become the highest-paid female director of all time.

Lady Gaga Brings Kid on Stage at Show
So cute, Lady Gaga heard about a little kid in Philly named Owen who has been undergoing a ton of treatments and uses her music to get himself through. Well she performed there and Owen got to not only meet Gaga, but he sat with her on stage while she played Edge of Glory on the piano.

Selena Gomez Chats about Creepy Showbusiness
Selena Gomez opened up to Business of Fashion about show business, saying that she knew things were messed up when she started getting way more attention for things that had nothing to do with her talent or her performance. And when she was 15 or 16, she noticed photographers, who were grown men, taking pictures of her at the beach and she just felt violated. She also revealed that she feels like she knows everyone, but doesn’t have any friends besides three friends she knows she can count on at all times. And she gave some pretty solid advice: you are who you surround yourself with.

Demi Lovato Spotted with New Person?
There’s a report going around that Demi Lovato was spotted at Disneyland holding hands with a female DJ. So everyone is wondering if they’re dating. But here’s the deal: in the photo, you do not see her face, or the face of the woman who is allegedly holding her hand. So, for now, Demi Lovato is single. Enjoy.

James Corden used to “Babysit” Louis Tomlinson
James Corden revealed that he met Louis Tomlinson and his mom way back in the day when he was just a little kid… they were working on a TV show together. So fast forward a few years later, Louis of course gets put on X Factor/One Direction, and Louis’ mom called James and was like, listen I don’t know if you remember me but my kid is starting out on this show, and I’m not around to look after him as much since he’s in a different city, so since you’re there, can you look after him? So Louis would come over to James’ house and play X Box with the kid hahaha.

George Clooney Gets Up When Amal Nurses
George Clooney just made every woman swoon, once again. He told Entertainment Tonight that when Amal gets up in the middle of the night to nurse the twins, he feels guilty if he doesn’t get up too, so he usually gets up with her every three hours.

Bruno Mars Gets his Own TV Special
Bruno Mars is coming to your television! He’s getting his own TV special called 24K Magic Live at the Apollo, it’s going to air November 29th. He taped it at the Apollo Theater and apparently they taped performances and interactions throughout New York.

Liam Neeson is Done with Action Movies
Liam Neeson says that he’s done making thriller movies like Taken. He said they’re still throwing him a ton of money to do those films but he’s getting too old so it’s going to become unbelievable and the audience won’t buy it.

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