Robert Kraft Thanks Kid who Found Brady Jersey
Yesterday, Robert Kraft met with the kid who found Tom Brady’s jersey and hooked him up with front row seats to last night’s game (sitting in seat #12 of course), an autographed jersey, and Robert Kraft Air Force 1s.

Sam Smith Releases New Song
“Too Good at Goodbyes” is out. BTW he considers himself even more single than when he released his first album the Lonely Hour…yikes! His new album is set to come out before Christmas, and he said that 4 of those songs are about him, and the rest are about other people in his life and things they’ve gone through.

Chainsmokers Talk About Fame
There’s a show on MTV called Dare to Live, and this filmmaker brings celebs over to his house to meet his parents. Well he brought the Chainsmokers over, and the kid’s mom asked Drew if he ever thought they’d be this famous.

Dare To Live

Joe Bermudez Playing at Brighton Music Hall
Our very own Joe Bermudez is playing a show at Brighton Music Hall tonight. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster.

Taylor Swift & Andy Samberg Commercial
Taylor Swift and Andy Samberg are in a new commercial for DirecTV and it’s SO ANNOYING. It’s basically a voice over announcer detailing what Taylor is doing step-by-step, and then at one point she gets into a fight with Andy Samberg.

Selena Gomez Thanks her Mom for her Advice
Selena Gomez had some very sweet words to say about her mother in TIME Magazine, saying “she made me feel like i was capable of doing anything I wanted…she taught me everything I know. How I’m no less but also no greater than anyone.” Good mama!

Kelly Clarkson Chats Joining the Voice, Being Famous
Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her decision to join The Voice, saying that the main motivator was the schedule. She needed to take a job that would allow her to be a mom of four and a wife. The Voice provided that for her. She also talked about how she’s different front other Idol winners, saying that a lot of those people just wanted to be famous. “A lot of it falls through the cracks because people make decisions based on what they think will make them famous instead of what will be good for them. I don’t really care about being famous…I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m just me, and if you like that, cool. If you don’t, that’s totally cool too.”

Star Wars & Marvel Coming to Disney Streaming
Disney’s streaming service that is expected in 2019 has just added Star Wars and Marvel comic-book movies to its lineup. It will be the only way to stream those movies on demand in the US.

Celebs Joining Hurricane Relief TV Special
The list of celebrities coming together for Hurricane Relief on Tuesday is growing: Justin Bieber, Drake, Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Foxx, Blake Shelton, Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Sofia Vergara, Michael Strahan, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are leading the pack. It will air Tuesday from 8-9 on all the major networks and will be based in 3 cities: LA, New York and Nashville.

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