Dad Can’t Fly Back To Houston, So He Attended Daughter’s Grad School Classes

By: Eric Donnelly

How funny is this!

Would you ever want your parent going to a GRAD SCHOOL class with you?! According to Buzzfeed, “Omete Anassi, 23, [his sister Kerubo] and his entire family are originally from Houston…his parents have been in New York helping his sister settle in as she begins her graduate program at The New School.”

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Since Kerubo’s dad can’t fly back to Houston he decided to make the most of his time in NYC with his daughter. “Initially my sister thought it was funny, but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn’t end and my father didn’t leave” Omete revealed to Buzzfeed.

Can you believe the professor even gave her dad a syllabus?! “We tried to explain to my father that he went viral but he had no idea what that means.”

Oh, parents!


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