Cyrus Family Sings “Achy Breaky Heart”
Miley Cyrus and her family appeared on Carpool Karaoke last night and they sang her dad’s massive hit from the 90s, Achy Breaky Heart.

Clooney’s Advice About Life is Way too True
George Clooney has some pretty solid advice for all of us, words of wisdom he’s come to live by at the age of 56. He said that he never thought at this age he’d be the father of twins. So, his lesson? Don’t make plans. Just enjoy the ride.

Walking Dead Augmented Reality Game Coming
Fans of the Walking Dead can look forward to a new mobile game that’s similar to Pokemon Go… but with zombies. The augmented reality game will allow you to see zombies in your surroundings via your smartphone… and of course, your job is to fight them off. No release date has been announced.

Coldplay Sings Song for Houston
Coldplay did a very special song for the people of Houston the other night during their show in Miami. They said they all grew up loving country music and Houston of course is a big part of that, so they created a song called Houston which they said would be played once and never again. Very special.

Hurricane Harvey Donations
Some serious Hurricane Harvey relief contributions are coming in from celebrities. Sandra Bullock donated $1M, the Kardashian/Jenner family donated $500,000, 100,000 from Chris Brown, $25k each from JLo and A-Rod, and Beyonce’s pastor in Houston confirmed she has been assisting, quietly and out of the spotlight – and that she helps the community there very often.

Bieber’s Testicle Got a Girl Fired
Oh boy. Back in May, Justin Bieber went to the hospital very discreetly because he was afraid he had injured one of his testicles playing soccer. Some girl who worked at the hospital reportedly heard through the grapevine that he was there because he had an STD. So she reportedly accessed his medical files to see if he did, indeed, have an STD. The hospital then found out about this girl and fired her for being an immoral employee, and now she’s suing them for wrongful termination, saying that she never accessed Bieber’s file and simply heard through the grape vine that he had an STD. TMZ claims Justin was there for the twisted testicle – which turned out not to be twisted at all, thankfully. So, yeah.

Gaga Working on Next Album
Just ahead of her arrival at Fenway this weekend, Lady Gaga revealed that she’s already begun writing her sixth album. She gave no indication about release date, but it’s clear she’s already on her way. If you’re dying to see her this weekend, we have tickets for you every day this week on the 7:20 Street Match. BTW – During one of her recent performances, Lady Gaga told the crowd that when she was first starting out, people told her that her show was “too gay” and that there was no commercial audience for her. They told her that no one would be at her shows. Ha! Look who was dead wrong.

Michael Phelps Gearing Up for Baby #2
Michael Phelps and his wife are expecting baby number two! They haven’t said whether it’s a boy or girl, but baby will be joining their son Boomer who is one year old.

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