Mayweather Parties at Strip Club After Fight
After the fight this weekend, Floyd Mayweather hit up the strip club that he owns in Vegas. Things got so crazy that the cops had to come, because people were waiting outside to try and catch a glimpse of the champ. Mayweather’s bodyguards were so impressed by McGregor’s fight (which genuinely was impressive; he hung in there 10 rounds against the champ), they invited him to party with them at the strip club. He didn’t go; he had his own party and hopped on the mic, saying that even if he didn’t win, he’s going to party as if he did. BTW – Demi Lovato killed the national anthem before the fight.

Malia Obama Bothered by Random Lady
Could we maybe leave Malia Obama alone when she’s eating lunch in Harvard Square? Thanks. Some lady apparently asked her for a picture, and she declined, and she went to eat lunch. The lady I guess was waiting outside and was filming her when Malia opened the door to leave, so as soon as Malia noticed she said “are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” Apparently the lady ended up getting the photo with Malia. The girl’s a freshman in college, can we please just let her chill?

Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost Spotted Again
Those Scarlett Johansson/Colin Jost rumors are still going strong. The two were spotted at Dave Chappelle’s birthday party the other day and left together around 2:30a.

The Rock Highlights Kid Who Saved Brother’s Life
This is amazing. A 10-year-old boy found his little brother face-down in their pool and ended up saving his brother’s life by administering CPR. Turns out, he learned how to do CPR by watching The Rock in the San Andreas movie. Welp, the Rock found out about this story and is insisting upon meeting the little hero, so he’s flying the kid’s whole family up to his movie set in Canada. AMAZING!

T.Swift Teams Up with UPS
Taylor Swift continues her massive rollout of her new album, coming November 10th. She’s partnered with UPS, which is the official distributor of her physical CDs… and they even have Taylor-branded trucks. If you spot one, take a picture and tag UPS and use the hashtag #TaylorSwiftDelivery for an improved opportunity to buy concert tickets. And, if you pre-order her album on, you might win a trip to see her in concert.

Gaga’s Ex Spotted at her Show
Lady Gaga’s ex fiance Taylor Kinney was spotted in the crowd during her Chicago show this weekend. Fans naturally were freaking out. Gaga’s moved on and has been dating someone new but to be fair, Gaga and Taylor never said they broke up – just that they were on a break so who knows.

Pink & Logic Steal the VMAs
The VMAs were last night, and Kendrick Lamar cleaned house. There were some pretty solid performances – and some weird ones like Lorde just doing an interpretive dance instead of singing because she had the flu (and I kind of love her for it). After Logic, Alessia Cara & Khalid performed 1-800-273-8255, Logic took a moment to speak to the crowd. (His speech at 3:49 is so, so important.)

…And Pink’s message to her daughter:

…let all of the little girls in your life listen to this speech! And the little boys! Everyone! The message is too important not to share!

JLo Flies with Robert Kraft for the Fight
A bunch of celebs went to Vegas for the big fight this weekend… but Jennifer Lopez got a pretty special ride there there because she got to fly with none other than Robert Kraft on his private jet. AND she got to try on one of his rings!

Nick Jonas Hits Back at Rude “Bruh,” Bruh Apologizes
At the end of last week, Nick Jonas was making headlines because he had stopped to take a picture with a fan on the street who then captioned his picture “you need a few more inches bruhh” because Nick is shorter than the guy. Welp, Nick wasn’t having it so he commented “You need some manners ‘bruh’ I didn’t need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude.” Welp, the kid felt bad so he not only changed his caption, but slid into Nick’s DMs this weekend and genuinely apologized for posting the caption without thinking it through. Nick was super cool about it, wrote back and said “It’s all good. Thanks for the message.”

Beyonce in Talks for James Bond Song?
Reports are swirling that Beyonce is in talks to do the next James Bond theme song. Adele and Sam Smith did the most recent ones.

“Stronger” Movie Premiering at Spaulding
It was just announced that the movie Stronger, based upon Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bowman, is set to premiere at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown. Jeff received treatment there, and the movie was filmed there as well. The premiere is set for September 12th, and the movie will be released the 22nd.

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